What types of cutlery inserts do you have?


We have many different types of cutlery inserts that will help to keep your cutlery neat and tidy and easily accessible that fit perfectly into our kitchen unit drawers. Our cutlery inserts can hold your traditional knives, forks and spoons or we have some available especially designed to hold your sharp cutting knife collection.

What size cutlery inserts are available?

Our cutlery inserts come in a few different sizes, as shown below. All measurements are for the width of the drawer that they will be place into.

  • 400mm wide
  • 500mm wide
  • 600mm wide
  • 800mm wide
  • 900mm wide
  • 1000mm wide

We also have some wooden cutlery inserts that are expandable to accommodate drawers from 450mm wide right up to 1000mm. One such example is shown below.

Expandable cutlery insert

What are the cutlery inserts made from?

Our cutlery inserts are made from plastic or wood (beech).

How much do cutlery inserts cost?

If you’re after a basic cutlery insert then we have some plastic inserts available from just £5. If you want something a little more refined then we have many wooden inserts to choose from.

A full list of cutlery inserts available can be seen here.

Cutlery insert examples

Here are some examples of cutlery inserts in use in some of our kitchens in our showroom.

600mm plastic cutlery insert

600mm plastic cutlery insert

1000mm cutlery insert wood

1000mm cutlery insert wood

Expandable cutlery insert 1000mm

Expandable cutlery insert 1000mm

1000mm cutlery insert plastic

1000mm cutlery insert plastic

1000mm cutlery insert wooden

1000mm cutlery insert wooden


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