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The Evolution Of Edible Cutlery

  As the world tackles the problems of pollution, many innovative solutions like edible cutlery are coming to the fore to try and minimise the impact our lives are having on the world. One contributor to the widespread pollution problem is something many of us probably use without appreciating the consequences: disposable plastic cutlery. Whether

The history of chocolate

  With more than 7 million tons of chocolate consumed worldwide every year, there’s no doubt that chocolate is an incredibly popular food, with a huge industry behind its supply. But, the humble cocoa bean has a long and interesting history and has been used in a number of quite different forms, before it became

The Origins of Tea

 A brief overview of tea Tea is the most enjoyed beverage around the world. Most people need a perfect cup of tea to kick start their day. But, as you enjoy your cup of tea, have you ever thought about how tea was discovered and how it evolved? It is said that tea was first

Have a coffee break

 A daily fix of coffee is a must for around 50% of the planet each day and those who live in Finland seem to be the biggest coffee drinkers in the world, although Brazil are the biggest producers of it at around 33%. So with this in mind I thought I would do a little

Fun Photos

  Below are some fun kitchen/cooking type pictures that should bring a smile to your face:-) If you have any funny pics along the same lines as the ones below then feel free to send them! Fun Photo #1 – Built-in Toilet This kitchen has a built in toilet! Ideal if your cooking is not

Christmas Jokes & Stories

 We recently ran a prize draw and to enter, you had to submit your Christmas jokes & stories. Here are the ones that we can publish:-) Carol says… One Christmas the electricity went off for the whole day (the electricity company told my dad it was because everybody in the area must be using their ovens?!)

Your Kitchen Stories & Advice

 We recently ran a prize draw and to enter, you had to submit your kitchen stories, advice or even jokes. Here are the ones that made us chuckle! Annaloa says… “Don’t put slate or tile floors in kitchens, because if you drop anything it will smash to pieces – as I found out the “hard”

The home of tomorrow

 Ever wondered how the home of tomorrow could change the way we do things around the house? Well, the infographic below shows just that and it covers every room in the home, not just the kitchen!   This infographic has been used with permission from Ryan Hirst @ Eurofit Direct  

The invention of the pop up toaster

 Did you know that the first toasters only used to toast one side of the bread? How annoying would that be first thing in the morning when you’re in a rush to get out of the door to do to work! It was not until the invention of the toaster as we know it today

The fridge with a gun turret

 In 1927 General Electric started to distribute the household fridge. The only down site to this fridge was that it looked like it had a gun turret on it from a warship! This was in fact the refrigeration unit that was used to keep the food chilled. Any Doctor Who fans out there may liken