Izari Modern Kitchen Components


When the time is right to buy your new kitchen, ensure to take time to make sure that the one you choose or design is right for you now and in the years to come!

To help give you some food for thought, we have taken the Izari kitchen from our showroom and broken it down to component level so that you can see exactly which pieces go in the making of this elegant looking kitchen.

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Izari Modern Kitchen Example

You can see this Izari kitchen on display in our onsite kitchen showroom when you come to visit us.

Izari Modern Kitchen

360° Izari Modern Kitchen Tour

 Izari Modern Kitchen Components

Take a look at the table below the image to see what components were used in this Izari modern kitchen.

Kitchen Spec
Door Izari
Carcase Colour H1137 Black Brown Ferrara Oak
Worktop Square Edge 30mm Karpat Arizona Quartz
STD Edge 60mm Birch End Grain
N/A Bamboo Knife Block – Full Stave

Izari Kitchen Components

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Displayed Products

Click the product codes if you want to see how much the units are to buy.

Item Number Product Code Additional Info Description
A IZEP2400X28 End Panel, Finished On Face, 100mm On Reverse & 4 Square Edges 2400 x 650 x 28mm
B FDCB11 RHB Highline Corner Base Unit – 1000mm Wide 500mm Door
C CBU45 LH 430mm Curved Base Unit
D CBU45 RH 430mm Curved Base Unit
E IZCPS560 Curved Plinth Section for 560 x 430mm Curved Base Unit
F IZCPS560 Curved Plinth Section for 560 x 430mm Curved Base Unit
G FDMCD10 LHB Highline Magic Corner Base Unit – 1000mm Wide
H FDTS15 150m Base Pull-Out Tray Space
I SSP2D1-10 1000mm Wide S Shaped Pull Out Pan Drawer Unit
J FDPD15 150mm Base Pull-Out Wire Baskets
K HBDOPD 600mm Mid Height Unit For Double Oven With Pan Drawers
L HBLM10R RHB Mid High Unit Studion Le Mans 1000mm, Fitted with KASSLM500SCR
M FPC12 1205 x 100mm Filler Panel (Carcase Material)
N IZP30 Izari Plinth 3050X150X16mm
O IZEP2400X28 End Panel, Finished On Face, 100mm On Reverse & 4 Square Edges 2400 x 650 x 28mm
P IZSP1000 S Shaped Plinth 1000 x 150 x 16mm
Q IZEP25 End Panel, Finished On Face, 100mm On Reverse & 4 Square Edges 2400 x 650 x 18mm
R IZCEP775X325 Curved End Panel 775 x 325mm (Unhanded)
S CGWU 1000mm Curved Glass Wall Unit
T CGWU 1000mm Curved Glass Wall Unit
U IZCEP775X325 Curved End Panel 775 x 325mm (Unhanded)
V IZC30 Modern Cornice / Light Pelmet 3050 x 50 x 28

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