What is a 150mm pullout?


A 150mm pullout is basically a 150mm wide base unit with a pullout mechanism inside it that can be used to store items in such as jars & bottles, baking trays or tea towels for ease of access.

When ordering these pullout units, you will find them listed as:

3 different pullout units

Where are the best places to use the 150mm pullout?

A 150mm pullout unit could fit in most places in your kitchen design and really is a good functional unit that can fit in some left over space if needed.

A lot of people do tend to place these units near the hob or next to an oven as the items stored in them like trays and cooking ingredients are readily accessibility and in the perfect place, so that you don’t have to go traipsing around the kitchen to find what you are looking for.

If you’re big on symmetry they you could place a 150mm pullout unit on either side of the hob/oven and make a nice little feature of it.

150mm pullout each side of hob

Are pullouts available in other sizes?

Yes, you can buy pull out units with the mechanism, in the following sizes:

  • 150mm
  • 300mm
  • 400mm
  • 500mm
  • 600mm

400mm and 600mm wire basket

The 600mm wide pullout unit can either have the mechanism attached to the door, so that it comes out as you open the door or you can have a more traditional unit where you open the unit door as normal and pull each wire basket out as required.

Arena Classic Wirework150mm wirework upgrade

There is an option to upgrade wirework mechanism in these 150mm wide pullout units. The upgrades are manufactured for us by an German company Kessebohmer and come in two styles-

Arena Classic

The Arena Classic design incorporates a traditional, slim chrome-finished rounded rail top and looks great.


Arena StyleArena Style

An alternative to the Arena Classic is the Arena Style design, the chrome is an finished rail top has a slightly more contemporary, flat design.

The cost to upgrade from an Arena Classic an Arena Style mechanism is £10 per unit.

Do you have any pullout units for a 10mm gap?

Sadly no. We don’t have any wireworks that small to fit into such a small opening but we do make a 10mm open tray space unit (no door) to help you fill in some necessary space in your kitchen run.

10mm tray space kitchen unit


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