Which appliances fit in tall kitchen units?


When planning a new kitchen design, people with larger sized kitchens tend to go with some tall units on a side wall where they will house  the likes of an oven, as well as gaining a load of additional storage space as well.

The question people ask is, “what other appliances can I realistically put in a tall housing unit.” Well, below is some food for thought for you.

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Example tall kitchen units

tall unit examples

Single & double ovens

One of the most common things people do with tall housing units is to place their oven in there. This can make a real feature of your kitchen, not to mention the practicalities of having an oven at waist level as it’s much better on the back as you don’t need to keep bending down to open it. Also, if you have small children that are starting to explore your kitchen then it will help to keep them away from the door and the steam that escapes upon opening.

Below are some pictures of ovens that have been integrated into tall kitchen units

Single double ovens

Coffee machines

If you love your coffee and want it on tap then you can invest in a compact coffee machine that fits neatly into a tall unit with compact housings, especially designed for these types of appliances.

Below are some pictures of coffee machines that have been integrated into tall kitchen units

Coffee machine

Warming drawers

Warming drawers are ideal for keeping plates and food warm until everything else is ready to serve. The warming drawers fit perfectly under your oven or in a compact aperture space

Below are some pictures of warming drawers that have been integrated into tall kitchen units

Warming drawers


To help save worktop space, your microwave that has probably been sat on your worktop since the dawn of time can now be elevated to new heights, making it more accessible and keep your kitchen looking tidier in the process.

Below are some pictures of microwaves that have been integrated into tall kitchen units

Integrated microwaves

Wine coolers

Most of us like a glass of wine of a weekend to unwind, but there is not always space inside your main fridge to keep that bottle of white chilled. The solution is to get a wine cooler that can fit snugly into your tall units that can be filled with all your favourite wine or soft drinks for the kids.

Below are some pictures of wine coolers that have been integrated into tall kitchen units.

Wine coolers

Fridge freezers

One of the most popular uses for tall units is to hide away an integrated fridge freezer. The monstrous appliance that usually takes up a good portion of your kitchen can now be hidden away and blended perfectly into the kitchen design.

Below are some pictures of fridge freezers that have been integrated into tall kitchen units.

Fridge freezers



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