How to assemble a corner angled base unit


Although our kitchen units come pre assembled, this guide will show you how to reassemble a corner angled base unit assembly, should you request the units dry assembled so that you can take them apart to get them into your home.

1 corner angled base unit assemblyParts supplied:

A – Left hand end panel
B – Right hand end panel
C – Top panel
D – Base panel with legs attached
E – Left hand back panel
F – Diagonal rear back panel
G – Right hand back panel
H – Shelf panel
J – Door double hinged
K – Door single hinged

Lay left hand end panel “A” flat apply glue to dowel and insert top and base panels “C” & “D”, ensuring that dowels fully enter holes. Apply glue to dowel holes in right hand end holes “B” and push into place, ensure that dowels fully enter holes.

2 glue and dowel holes


Lay unit onto its front edges (ensuring that front edges are protected). Fit corner shelf panel “H” into place through back space. Position rear angled back panel “F” and screw fix to back edges of top and base panels “C” & “D” (ensure that all edges are aligned).

3 fit corner shelf back panel


Slide back panel “G” into place locating in the groove in side panel. Slide back panel “E” into place locating in the groove in side panel “A”.

4 slide back panels


Drill pilot holes through back panels “E” & “G” and screw to rear edges of top and base panels “C” & “D”. Carefully drill pilot holes through sides of back panels “E” & “G”.

5 pilot drill holes


Screw fix into the diagonal edges of the rear back panel “F”. Use only short screws to avoid screwing through the diagonal edge. Fit legs on base panel “D”.

6 screw fix fit legs


Stand unit upright and lift shelf  “H” upwards. Insert shelf supports into holes in end panels “A” & “B” and rear diagonal back panel “F”, then lower shelf onto supports.

7 stand upright



Technical Guide

Technical GuideYou can view this guide in our Technical Guide PDF download as well as many more guides that will help you in the installation of your kitchen.

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2 thoughts on “How to assemble a corner angled base unit”
  • G Walker says:

    Hi, If the above unit is used how is the work top eg wood made up using the normal work tops listed. i.e the unit would not be covered at the font or due to the cupboard depth the work top will cover the complete top?

    Thanks Graham

    October 25, 2019 at 1:34 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi, your kitchen fitter would need to cut a piece out of a deeper worktop, to reach the extra distance required. The worktops on the 2 other kitchen runs would then be connected to the piece in the middle.

      October 25, 2019 at 5:49 pm
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