How to attach a drawer front and adjust


The following guide will show you how to attach a drawer front to your kitchen units, as well as show you how to adjust them.

Front Drawer ClipsDrawer front clips

Please note that the drawer front clips are already located into the drawer sides for transportation reasons.

Using a screw driver, turn the centre screw A to unlock the front brackets from the connection plates within the box

Drawer fixing

Drill 4 pilot holes for drawer front clips in positions shown on the rear of drawer front (below). Screw fix drawer front clips to rear of drawer front

Drawer Clip Attachment

To connect the drawer front to the drawer box simply align the brackets on the drawer front with the drawer box and push onto box until it clicks into place. After adjustment, clip the cover caps into place over the adjustment ‘windows’ on each side of the box.

Drill Screw Drawer Front

To remove the drawer front from the box. Use a screw driver and turn the centre screw A to unlock the front brackets from the connection plates within the box.

Remove Drawer Front


Drawer adjustment

Remove cover caps from each side of the drawer box to expose the drawer adjustment screws. The cap simply clips into the drawer adjustment ‘window’. Adjustment screws B and C for drawer box adjustment.

Remove Drawer Clips


Vertical Adjustment – Turn rear adjustment screw B to give vertical adjustment to drawer box.

Vertical adjustment

Horizontal Adjustment – Turn rear adjuster screw C to give horizontal adjustment to drawer box.

Horizontal Adjustment


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