Can I put a built-in dishwasher next to a built-in fridge?


Firstly, your dishwasher ideally needs to go next to your sink so that you can take the dirty pots from the sink and place them in the dishwasher without having to go across the other side of the room and dripping food all over Fridgethe floor. You also have to think about the plumbing as well. Your sink will have all the pipes nearby that you’ll need, which will make life easier to install it there too.

Now, your fridge is designed to keep things cool but your dishwasher will generate heat. Unless you have some good insulation between the 2 appliances then I would opt to have the fridge at least 1 whole unit away from the dishwasher.

As your fridge only relies on a plug socket, I would ensure that you have all the other appliances in place first that rely on water and gas then think about where to put your fridge.

Integrated appliance sizes

When thinking about installing an integrated appliance into a new kitchen, please bear in mind that kitchen units tend to come in 2 widths, 450mm and 600mm. A slimline dishwasher for example is around 450mm wide. If you have a small kitchen then this may be a better option as it will allow you to have more kitchen units and cupboard space.


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