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When planning your kitchen, a larder unit can be a very convenient unit to factor into your design. But, there are many different styles of larder unit and each of them has their own unique benefits. So, you may want to spend some time reading this article, to ensure that you get the perfect larder for your new kitchen.

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Pull out larder-unitPull out larder units

These pull out larder units units come with 5 adjustable sizable shelves that can be easily removed from the wirework by lifting up and then pulling out. This allows you to space the shelves out to accommodate the items that you are going to put in there.

If you find that you need a little more space in there for taller items then simply just removed one of the wire shelves.

The whole pull out larder unit and door comes out towards you, and then you can access the items inside from each side of the unit.

This unit would be ideal in a spacious kitchen where no clashing or blocking of access to the kitchen will occur.

Widths available for this unit are:

  • 300mm wide
  • 400mm wide
  • 500mm wide
  • 600mm wide

There are also options available to have split doors on these units at different heights, if that is something that you would require.

SwinSwing out pantry unitg out pantry unit

The swing out pantry unit is fantastic! These units have 6 shelves in the door (not adjustable) but each shelf  allows for items with a maximum height of 29cm to be placed into them. Inside the unit there are also 6 shelves, which are adjustable.

Because of the way that this unit opens, big objects may be a little harder to put on one of the higher shelf as the pulling mechanism for bringing the shelves out towards you, runs through it.

This unit has a door which opens like the rest of the units in your kitchen and this unit is ideal if you have lots of items like bottles, jars and packets that you need to store away.

Widths available for this unit are:

  • 500mm wide
  • 600mm wide

Swing out larder unitSwing out larder unit

The swing out larder unit is a delight to have in any kitchen. It has 5 large adjustable shelves that move towards you as the door is opened, bringing the items to you rather than having to reach to the back of the unit.

Again, if you need some additional space inside the unit itself then just remove one of the shelves at the back to achieve this

This unit is great if you have a lot of large items to store in there like family sized Shreddies boxes:-)

Widths available for this unit are:

  • 500mm wide
  • 600mm wide

The unit in this example also has some lighting inside it, which is activated when the door is opened. This is ideal for such a big unit and illuminates the contents of it, to make it easier to find what you are look for.

Internal drawer larder unitInternal drawer larder unit

The internal drawer larder unit is a slightly different type of larder unit, as there are no wireworks, just 4 big pull out drawers that can hold vast amounts of items.

There is also some free cupboard space above, like you would find in a normal 560mm deep kitchen unit.

Widths available for this unit are:

  • 500mm wide
  • 600mm wide

There is also a similar internal drawer larder unit, which is 1000mm wide, but it only has the 2 drawers in the unit, located at the bottom, which give some incredible storage space for many saucepans, slow cookers and any other bulky appliances that you want to hide out of the way, until they are required again.

Larder units

Larder units

Any finally, there are tall larder/broom units, which have split doors (various combinations) to give you 2 areas within the unit to store items, using shelving like you would get in a base unit. You can also get these units with just the one door if required. The tall larder units with 1 door are ideal for storing tall items, such as ironing boards, brushes and mops.

There are also larder units available with double doors that open outwards, and these double larder units come in widths of 800mm & 1000mm wide.

Walk in larder units

Walk in larder units are very different from the larder units above, they fit into a corner and you actually get to climb inside these ones! See the image below.

Walk in larder tall unit diy kitchens

The walk in larder offers a vast amount of storage with 12 shelf storage compartments as well as space for 14 bottles in the bottle rack.

We only have the one walk in larder unit available and it comes with 3 different door combinations, as shown below. The larder units with multiple vertical doors, are joined together to allow the larder unit to match the lines of the other base or wall units.

  • WIL2-1 = Supplied with 2 x full height single 1965mmx397mm high doors
  • WIL2 = 1245mm bottom door and 715mm top door
  • WIL2U = 715mm bottom door and 1245mm top door (this matches base unit height doors)

Walk in larder units available

So there you have it, 6 larder/pantry units. Which one would you choose? All these larder units and pull out larder units are available on our website.


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