When planning your kitchen, a larder unit can be a very convenient unit to factor into your design. But, there are many different styles of larder unit and each of them has their own unique benefits. So, you may want to spend some time reading this article, to ensure that you get the perfect larder for your new kitchen.

If you ever visit our kitchen showroom then all these units are on display in the Information Centre.

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Pull out larder-unitPull out larder units

These pull out larder units units come with 5 adjustable sizable shelves that can be easily removed from the wirework by lifting up and then pulling out. This allows you to space the shelves out to accommodate the items that you are going to put in there.

If you find that you need a little more space in there for taller items then simply just removed one of the wire shelves.

The whole pull out larder unit and door comes out towards you, and then you can access the items inside from each side of the unit.

This unit would be ideal in a spacious kitchen where no clashing or blocking of access to the kitchen will occur.

Widths available for this unit are:

  • 300mm wide
  • 400mm wide
  • 500mm wide
  • 600mm wide

There are also options available to have split doors on these units at different heights, if that is something that you would require.

SwinSwing out pantry unitg out pantry unit

The swing out pantry unit is fantastic!

These units have 6 shelves in the door (not adjustable) but each shelf  allows for items with a maximum height of 29cm to be placed into them.

Inside the unit there are also 6 shelves, which are adjustable.

Because of the way that this unit opens, big objects may be a little harder to put on one of the higher shelf as the pulling mechanism for bringing the shelves out towards you, runs through it.

This unit has a door which opens like the rest of the units in your kitchen and this unit is ideal if you have lots of items like bottles, jars and packets that you need to store away.

Widths available for this unit are:

  • 500mm wide
  • 600mm wide

Swing out larder unitSwing out larder unit

The swing out larder unit is a delight to have in any kitchen. It has 5 large adjustable shelves that move towards you as the door is opened, bringing the items to you rather than having to reach to the back of the unit.

Again, if you need some additional space inside the unit itself then just remove one of the shelves at the back to achieve this

This unit is great if you have a lot of large items to store in there like family sized Shreddies boxes:-)

Widths available for this unit are:

  • 500mm wide
  • 600mm wide

The unit in this example also has some lighting inside it, which is activated when the door is opened.

This is ideal for such a big unit and illuminates the contents of it, to make it easier to find what you are look for.

Internal drawer larder unit

Internal drawer larder unit

The internal drawer larder unit is a slightly different type of larder unit, as there are no wireworks, just 4 big pull out drawers that can hold vast amounts of items. These drawers are ideal for everyday items such as tins, pasta and jars.

There is also some free cupboard space above, like you would find in a normal 560mm deep kitchen unit.

Widths available for this unit are:

  • 500mm wide
  • 600mm wide

There is also a similar internal drawer larder unit, which is 1000mm wide, but it only has the 2 drawers in the unit, located at the bottom, which give some incredible storage space for many saucepans, slow cookers and any other bulky appliances that you want to hide out of the way, until they are required again.

Larder units

Larder units

Any finally, there are tall larder/broom units, which have split doors (various combinations) to give you 2 areas within the unit to store items, using shelving like you would get in a base unit. You can also get these units with just the one door if required. The tall larder units with 1 door are ideal for storing tall items, such as ironing boards, brushes and mops.

There are also larder units available with double doors that open outwards, and these double larder units come in widths of 800mm & 1000mm wide.

Walk in larder units

Walk in larder units are very different from the larder units above, they fit into a corner and you actually get to climb inside these ones! See the image below.

Walk In Larder Unit

Walk in larder tall unit diy kitchens

The walk in larder offers a vast amount of storage with 12 shelf storage compartments as well as space for 14 bottles in the bottle rack.

We only have the one walk in larder unit available and it comes with 3 different door combinations, as shown below. The larder units with multiple vertical doors, are joined together to allow the larder unit to match the lines of the other base or wall units.

  • WIL2-1 = Supplied with 2 x full height single 1965mmx397mm high doors
  • WIL2 = 1245mm bottom door and 715mm top door
  • WIL2U = 715mm bottom door and 1245mm top door (this matches base unit height doors)

Walk in larder units available

So there you have it, 6 larder/pantry units. Which one would you choose? All these larder units and pull out larder units are available on our website.

Tall larder service void

Our tall larder units have the usual service void/gap behind them, which is 42mm.


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58 thoughts on “How to choose a larder unit”
  • Monika says:

    Would I be able to add door racks to the tall double larder unit (1000mm wide with split doors) to create a pantry? I notice that on your website you suggest creating the look with a double dresser unit and 2 door racks which unfortunately is only available in inframe kitchen styles.

    February 19, 2024 at 9:54 pm
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      Hi Monika, yes, you can add the Spice Door Racks to a 1000mm double larder unit – You will need to request for the unit to be supplied “Dry Assembled” As the larder unit comes with x1 fixed shelf and x5 adjustable shelves. The shelves will need cutting down, for the Spice Door Racks to fit, This would be the same for either of the units, larders & worktop dresser units.

      February 20, 2024 at 2:27 pm
  • Clarissa says:

    Do you have a 800mm double extra tall larder (2150) with full doors? I can’t find one? (I can see a 1000 with full doors in the extra tall and a 800 / regular size with full doors but nothing for the 800 / 2150). If not, what’s the work around? (I don’t want split doors).

    January 14, 2023 at 7:15 pm
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      Hi, we only have this unit with split doors. You could speak with our sales team at 8am when they open on 01977 608 418, to see if they have any alternative options for you.

      January 16, 2023 at 7:21 am
  • Dessie says:

    Can a dry assembled 2150mm larder unit be installed under 2400 mm ceiling height ?

    November 19, 2022 at 12:54 pm
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      Hi, the 2150mm units are 2300mm high – This includes the 150mm carcase legs. The recommended ceiling height for the extra tall units is 2370mm, so providing the ceiling is 2400mm, this should be fine.

      November 21, 2022 at 3:55 pm
  • Ellie says:

    Hi, Could you please tell me if we can add a couple of more drawers onto Internal drawer larder unit 1000mm?

    September 6, 2022 at 12:47 pm
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      Hi, yes you can order additional drawer boxes via the website but they will need to be fitted on site. They are available here.

      September 6, 2022 at 2:57 pm
  • Rachel says:

    Hi, with the split/full doors, is it possible to have a combination where the pattern on the bottom lines up with a 720mm base unit next to it please? We are looking at the silsden kitchen in particular. Thanks

    August 23, 2022 at 9:48 pm
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      Hi, this can be achieved by choosing a 70/30 split when it comes to the doors. I’ve attached an image of a Silsden kitchen from our customers reviews section to show this here. Silsden Door Split 70 30

      August 24, 2022 at 11:31 am
  • Jay says:

    Any advice on adjusting the door on a tall swing out larder unit? I’m having trouble getting the door to line up.

    Also, any ideas on how to cover up the gap between top and bottom doors – looks like I could fit something to the inside?



    June 15, 2022 at 9:52 am
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      Hi, the support team can send some door edging out to cover the gap. You will need to raise a support ticket, so we can ask for it to be sent.

      Here is also a fitting guide that might help with the door adjustments. If you need any further assistance on this then please create a support ticket.

      June 16, 2022 at 2:56 pm
  • KIM HARBER says:

    for the pull out tall larder with the 2 split doors, where we would put the handles on the Shaker style, is there a picture or diagram that shows this

    April 8, 2022 at 7:52 pm
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      Hi, the placement of the handles is down to personal preference but here is an example of a shaker kitchen with pull out larders . Pull Out Larder

      April 11, 2022 at 11:55 am
  • Briony Jones says:

    Hi is it possible to add wooden door racks onto a double larder unit (with 5 shelves) that has full length doors?

    February 21, 2022 at 8:08 am
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      Hi, our door racks are H1050mm x W360mm x D100mm. The larder comes with x1 fixed shelf. You can request for the unit to be dry assembled, so they can adjust the fixed shelf – However, they would need to remove all the shelves on site and cut these down in order for the doors to function properly with the spice racks attached to the back of the door.

      February 22, 2022 at 11:55 am
  • Sam says:

    Is there a fixed shelf in the 1970 x 1000 tall larder TLID10U unit or are all the shelves adjustable? Is it possible to fix a shelf so that it is flush with the top of the small doors to bottom and use this as a pantry to store and use small appliances?

    February 20, 2022 at 9:31 pm
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      There is always x1 fixed shelf and the rest will be adjustable in our larder units. We cannot change the location of the fixed shelf, this is something your fitter would have to do for you unfortunately. We can supply the unit dry assembled, which would allow you to move the position of the x1 fixed shelf on site. If you need anymore assistance then our sales team will be able to help on 01977 608 418.

      February 22, 2022 at 6:41 am
  • Chris says:

    We are having our kitchen delivered at the end of the month, with it we have a walk in tall larder. From your pictures, it shows downlights installed, but I’m not sure if these come with the unit? If not, do you sell anything suitable also with a door switch for activation?
    Many Thanks

    April 29, 2021 at 3:08 pm
  • Stacy fenton says:

    I’m looking at the in-frame kitchens, and need 2 x corner walk in pantry’s, from looking this doesn’t seem an option available, any ideas how l get around that or is it not possible

    April 19, 2021 at 2:16 pm
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      Hi, with inframe kitchens, a frame is attached to the unit then the door attaches to the frame. It is not possible to achieve this look with a walk in larder i’m afraid. There is no workaround either, as by using a shaker door, it would not blend well with the rest of the kitchen.

      April 19, 2021 at 2:23 pm
  • Lynda says:

    Hi what are the depths of the pull out and swing out larders please?

    January 15, 2021 at 5:27 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi, the depths of these units are 560mm deep and some are also available in a reduced depth size of 300mm. These can be seen here.

      January 17, 2021 at 9:10 am
  • Philip Cull says:

    I am fitting a tall corner unit, however the door is mounted onto the dividing panel in the corner. How do I fit the corner post without removing the hinges?…………. If I have to refit the hinges to the back of the corner post to hang the door, that is very poor design!

    May 17, 2020 at 6:17 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Philip, you would just need to remove the blanking panel and cut this down, to allow for the corner post to be fitted, the same as with with corner base units. The 2nd image on this page, shows the blanking panel, it has been pushed back, to allow the corner post to be fitted. If you need anymore assistance on this then our aftersales team will be able to help on 01977 608 418.

      May 18, 2020 at 8:02 am
      • Philip Cull says:

        Hello, it’s not the same as a base unit….. The problem arises when the door hinges on the same side as the corner post. On a base unit the door hinges are on a heavy vertical post that is separate from the blanking panel, remove the panel and the hinges stay where they are. But, on a wall unit (and my tall corner) the door hinges are fixed ONTO the blanking panel. When you remove the blanking panel to move.it back to make room for the corner post, the hinges go with it. So after fixing the corner post into position, how do you hang the door. Am I missing something….

        May 18, 2020 at 8:41 am
      • Diy Kitchens says:

        Hi Philip, it would be best to send this question on a support ticket here to our aftersales team, for them to answer, as this sounds a little different to normal. The aftersales team are also available on 01977 608 418.

        May 18, 2020 at 8:45 am
  • Helen says:

    Do the Larder unit shelves come already inserted or are they ALL adjustable and supplied with fixings for you to place where you want them (Just trying time figure out how many of my taller items will fit!)?

    May 13, 2020 at 12:39 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Helen, both the larder and the broom unit have 1 fixed shelf that is around 1210mm from the bottom of the unit, the broom unit comes with just this 1 shelf and it isn’t adjustable. If you need to adjust the broom unit, you would will need to order the unit dry assembled. With the larder, there are 5 adjustable shelves, as well as the fixed shelf in the middle.

      May 13, 2020 at 12:40 pm
  • Stewart says:

    I’m interested in the Internal drawer larder unit; Is this compatible with all styles?

    February 12, 2020 at 10:00 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Stewart, this unit is not available in our inframe styles due to the frame being attached to the unit.

      February 13, 2020 at 6:47 am
  • JJ says:

    Hi, can you tell me if there is a cavity on the back of the walk in larder units like you have on a standard tall unit in order to hide services, if not is it just a case of bringing them down to the floor level or above the unit to hide them?

    Also, do you provide fixing brackets for the units to be fixed to the walls?


    October 18, 2019 at 9:07 am
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi, there is a 42mm service void on the back of this unit. All fixtures and fittings come included.

      October 21, 2019 at 9:56 am
  • Nick says:

    Hi for a larder unit (I’m looking at Dove grey Malton 800mm size) where is the fixed shelf please?

    May 7, 2019 at 11:52 am
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Nick, the shelf is fixed around 1250mm from the bottom of the unit.

      May 9, 2019 at 8:45 am
  • Sarah lowe says:

    Do you have a pull out shelf available for a larder unit? Where Danni find this to order on your website? Thanks

    April 11, 2019 at 8:03 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Sarah, i’m afraid some of our larder units only come drawers. The do not come with pullout shelves and we do not supply them either. Sorry about that. The internal drawer larder unit would be the closest match to what you require

      April 12, 2019 at 6:20 am
      • Kevin Jones says:

        I have a larder unit with draws. The draws have arrived separate.
        How do the draws fit into the unit?

        May 17, 2019 at 10:06 am
      • Diy Kitchens says:

        Hi Kevin, there is a fitting guide here. If you need any further assistance then our sales team will be happy to help on 01977 608 418.

        May 17, 2019 at 10:42 am
  • Dave says:


    I’m planning a new kitchen and space is tight. Do you have a cabinet that could house a washer and a dryer stacked on top of each other? I’m talking about stand alone appliances rather than built in. Failing that, do you do a cabinet that would allow for a built in washer and dryer to be stacked?

    We also have a stand alone Miele fridge that is H201cm x W60cm x D63cm. Do you have anything that could house this, something that doesn’t have a door would be fine. Or maybe advise what parts I’d need to box it in?

    Can you also advise on the benefits and drawbacks of painted gloss doors vs vinyl wrapped?



    February 20, 2019 at 8:00 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Dave,

      We do not have any units to house any washers/dryers on top of each other, as stacking appliances like this is not overly safe. We don’t have any units to house standalone appliances either, as the depth of these appliances are far deeper than that of our units. If you wanted to build something, you would have to create something out of end panels and secure these to the walls.

      With regards to painted gloss doors and vinyl wrapped ones. This page talks about the construction of them.

      Both doors are of good quality and hard wearing but the Vinyl wrap is a foil coating used on our Malton MDF door only, to give it the effect of real wood.

      February 27, 2019 at 11:47 am
  • Matthew says:

    What type of plinths do you have to buy for the Altino Light Grey Walk in larder?

    Do you have to order gloss door material plinth for the outside doors, and additional carcass material plinth for inside the walk in larder to cover the legs?

    Also, if you do have to use carcass material plinth for the inside of the walk in larder, do you have to use curved carcass material plinth, as I notice on the photo above the internal corner of the walk in larder has a curve?

    Kind regards.

    January 7, 2019 at 5:11 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Matthew, the walk-in larder only requires one set of plinth, which attaches to the bottom of the doors with a pair of Z brackets, which are supplied with the unit. You will also need to purchase door material plinth, to cover this and this should be taken out of the total calculation of your overall plinth requirement. If you did not want the legs of the unit to show, once the unit doors were opened, then some plinth in unit material can be used to cover them.

      January 8, 2019 at 9:24 am
  • Keiko says:

    Hi, Is it possible to buy additional baskets for 300mm wide pull out larder units?


    January 4, 2019 at 2:15 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Keiko, Yes we are able to supply the 300mm baskets for the pull out units. They are £25.00+ vat per basket and can be ordered through the sales team.

      January 5, 2019 at 10:49 am
      • Fiona says:

        Hi – can these additional baskets be added after installation? How many come as standards?

        February 5, 2019 at 11:38 am
      • Diy Kitchens says:

        Hi Fiona, the swing out pantry comes with 6 shelves in the door (not adjustable) but each shelf allows for items with a maximum height of 29cm to be placed into them. Inside the unit there are also 6 shelves, which are adjustable.

        The larder unit comes with 5 adjustable shelves that can be easily removed from the wirework by lifting up and then pulling out.

        The width available for additional baskets is 300mm wide. They are £25.00+ VAT per basket and can be ordered through the sales team. But additional baskets for 400mm, 500mm and 600mm wide versions aren’t available unfortunately.

        February 6, 2019 at 10:41 am
  • Jamescboy says:

    Can a ironing board fit inside a broom cupboard?

    October 24, 2018 at 12:59 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      H James, all the broom units come with a fixed shelf, unfortunately an ironing board is too big to fit in the unit with the shelf being in the place it is positioned, but you can order the unit dry assembled, so that you can fix the shelf in the place you require.

      October 25, 2018 at 7:06 am
  • Caroline says:

    Regarding the internal drawer larder unit, are these drawers the same style/construction as the pan drawers in your base units? Are there other options for the drawers? I was looking for a Blum Legrabox space tower and this is the closest I’ve found on your website. Thank you.

    October 4, 2018 at 12:24 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Caroline, the internal pan drawers are the same drawer boxes for which we use on our standard pan drawer units, although these will have a fixed front on there. These are the only options that we have available.

      October 5, 2018 at 8:44 am
  • Tony says:

    Can you tell me if the larder unit LU10 is the same as the broom unit BU10 but with shelves?, are the shelves removable/adjustable please?

    September 27, 2018 at 8:27 am
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Tony, the broom and larder units are similar. The larder unit has 1 fixed shelf and five removable shelves. The broom unit just has the one fixed shelf.

      September 27, 2018 at 8:28 am
  • Suzy says:

    Is it possible to add a single pull out shelf to a tall larder/broom unit in an inframe kitchen? I’m wanting to store my toaster inside a tall cupboard and pull it out on a shelf to use with power inside the cupboard.

    September 18, 2018 at 9:00 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:

      Hi Suzy, unfortunately, we do not supply the pull out shelf in the inframe ranges, as the mechanism would catch on the frame as it was opened.

      September 24, 2018 at 9:04 am
      • David says:

        What about for a design such as Luca?

        October 3, 2018 at 11:12 am
      • Diy Kitchens says:

        Hi David, tall larders also work well in the Luca range, as the handles on tall doors are built into the side of the door, from top to bottom. I hope this answers your question.

        October 3, 2018 at 11:40 am
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