Corner base unit door & blanking panel sizes


Most kitchen designs employ the use of a standard corner base unit as shown below. These units allow you to make use of the dead space that is hidden away in the kitchen. The standard corner base unit is used to form a return run for units that butt up to it, via a corner post, to create a corner in your kitchen.

Corner base unit examples highline and drawer-line

A common question people ask is how big are the doors and blanking plates on standard corner base units. Well here is the answer.

Blanking panel

The blanking plate is always 500mm wide, no matter what size standard corner base unit that you choose. The only thing that changes, depending on the width of the corner base unit that you order are the doors. The blanking panel is made out of unit material.

Door sizes on standard corner base units

We sell standard corner base units in 4 different sizes, 900mm, 950mm, 1000mm, & 1100mm wide versions, see the image below.

Corner base unit door sizes


So for reference, here are the doors sizes for the different corner base units.

  • (NEW) An 800mm wide corner base unit has 1 x 300mm door
  • A 900mm wide corner base unit has 1 x 400mm door
  • A 950mm wide corner base unit has 1 x 450mm door
  • A 1000mm wide corner base unit has 1 x 500mm door
  • A 1100mm wide corner base unit has 1 x 600mm door

The exact height of highline doors measures 715mm

The exact height of drawerline doors measure 570mm

So, if you’re planning your kitchen and you want to have all 600mm doors for the base units then you’ll need to go for a 1100mm standard corner base unit. We do sell 100mm pan space units & 150mm pull out base units if you are having trouble filling in small gaps in your kitchen run. If the gap is less than that they you can always use some plinth made from door material to act as a filler at the end of a run that meets a wall.

Remember, all the blanking plates on these units are 500mm wide. This 500mm forms part of the depth for the return of units down the next wall. The service void that you leave at the end of the standard corner base unit gives you the rest of the space required.

Should you not require the blanking plate or just need to adjust it to push it back then this is attached to the unit with 4 screws, located inside it.


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