Corner base unit with no return



I am looking at putting in a standard corner base cabinet in my kitchen. However there will be no units on the return as this space will have a free standing washing machine. Therefore, I presume I don’t need a corner post? Do I need anything like an end panel to make the space underneath the worktop look nice?


Place an end panel or a door to the side of the appliance (butt up to the corner post) to give you a uniform look.

The blanking panel on the corner unit measures 500mm wide (depth to the wall) so you’ll need to ensure that there is a service void space as well to give you enough depth to slide your washing machine into. Please note that no matter what the width is of the standard corner base unit, that blanking panel is still the same size (500mm). The part that grows or contracts is the size of the door.

Freestanding washing machines usually have a depth of around 500mm – 600mm, so measure yours first to see what kind of space you have to play with. If you have handles on your door then you also need to make sure that these do not smash in to the washing machine as well when the unit door is opened.

With regards to a corner post, unless you are having a work surface going over the top of the appliances then no, you will not need a corner post as there will be nothing on the right for it to attach to and would just look unsightly.

An Idea

If you were to have a worktop over the appliances then you could use a corner post and an end panel as shown below to give a neat inside edge where your washing machine would butt up to. I used an image of a freezer in this example as I could not find the image for a washing machine, but you get the picture:-)

Corner unit with no return


You would need to attach the end panel to either the wall, side of the corner unit at the back or anywhere else you deem suitable to ensure that it would not move, especially with a washing machine sitting next to it.


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