What is the difference between Innova Norton & Linwood doors?


A question that we were recently asked was: “Can you tell me the difference between the Innova Linwood doors and the Norton doors? Is it just that Linwood door has a grain and Norton doesn’t? It’s hard to tell from the pictures on your website, as they also both doors seem to be priced the same.”

First Glance

At first glance, the Norton & Linwood doors shown in our kitchen pictures look identical. But, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that there is a big visual difference in the appearance of the door.

Firstly, both the doors are made from  solid wood  with a grained timber finish and both the doors are also 20mm thick with a veneered centre panel. Each door is also made from 5 pieces of wood in its construction. Have a look at the section below for help on how to identify the doors and spot the difference.

The difference is V-grooves

V groove linwood shaker kitchen door

The Linwood door has something called V-grooves. A V-groove is the only thing that separates these 2 doors and the grooves are basically a small V shaped channel routed down the edges of the wooden panels to give the door a more bevelled look

Norton is still a 5 piece door but there are no bevels, so the edges but up tightly to give a smooth seamless finish,

See the images below to see a Norton door and how it visually compares to a Linwood door.

Innova Norton Door

Innova norton white shaker door

Innova Linwood Door (V-grooves)

Innova linwood white shaker door

Which other Innova doors have V-grooves?

  • Clayton (MDF)
  • Malton (MDF)
  • Harewood (Solid wood)
  • Linwood (Solid Wood)

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