What gap do I need between the worktop and bottom of the wall units?


The gap required between the top of the worktop and the base of the wall units is usually around 490mm. This figure is achieved by taking into account a 40mm worktop. Some worktops are about 30mm in height, so you may end up with a gap of 500mm, which is perfectly fine.

If you have no tall units in a kitchen run, just standard base and wall units, then there is nothing stopping you from making that gap slightly bigger, if there was some reason that you need to do it. But bear in mind, the higher the wall unit, the more difficult it is to get items from the top shelf of the wall unit.

The standard heights needed from the base unit fitting are as follows, to achieve the 490mm gap to the base of the wall units.

  • The legs of the base unit are 150mm.
  • The base unit sits on the legs and is 720mm in height.
  • 40mm worktop.
  • The total height of the base unit and worktop from the floor is (150 + 720 + 40 = 910mm).

See the diagram below to better visualise this.

Please note that the tall units shown below are taller when the legs are added.

  • 1970mm high (2120mm high with legs)
  • 2150mm high (2300mm high with legs)

Unit sizes

So when fitting your wall units, measure 490mm from the top of the worktop and that is where the base of the wall unit will be positioned.

Please note that the height of 490mm is from the top of the worktop to the bottom of the wall unit, not the bottom of the lighting pelmet.


Using tall units and maintaining the 490mm gap

As you can see in the diagram above, if you are using tall units then measuring up becomes even easier, as your wall units will always line up with the tops of the tall units.


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