What gap is needed between a wall and unit?


A recently asked question from a customer about leaving a gap near a wall was “I’m currently planning a galley kitchen with two runs of kitchen units. What I need to know is how much space do I need to leave between the end walls and the cupboards, so that the doors can open sufficiently? One of these units will house an integrated fridge freezer.”

Standard base unit gap

Well, a door with a 30mm depth handle on a standard base unit would require about 50mm of space between the unit and the wall. There should then be enough space at the side of the unit to prevent any handles from hitting the wall.

If you were going to use a handleless door then you could probably lower this gap to 30mm at a push, for a standard base unit.

Tall unit gap (Integrated fridge/freezer)

One thing to remember about integrated fridge/freezers is that the door on the fridge/freezer needs to open past 90 degrees, so that any trays and salad boxes can be easily removed. It would be advised to have a gap of at least 50mm here.

The image below shows a tall unit, with a handle, next to a 50mm thick end panel to represent a gap/filler, to give you an indication of how the door handle protrudes. The door in the image is open 90 degrees and the 50mm gap is enough clearance. A word of warning though. If the door was wildly swung open then the handle could hit the wall.

Wall unit gap

Tip: To ensure that your door handles are not going to hit your newly painted wall, if your door handles have a depth greater than 30mm, then just increase that gap between the unit and wall a little more to compensate.

The required gap that is left can be filled with a filler panel, which is available on our website here.


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