Handleless Kitchen Design Ideas


Handleless kitchens are very popular and give a very clean look with great lines to a kitchen. The handles are built into the tops of doors for base units and the bottoms of the doors for wall units in like a fishing hook style or as it is more commonly known, a J profile, as shown below.

J profile handleless door

The beauty of this door style allows you to keep the contour of the handle all around your base units. The corner posts come pre made at a 90 degree angle to give the handle effect around the corner, right up until your last door, but there’s more!

Handleless corner post

Creative uses for handleless doors

If you have a kitchen run that will just end at a certain point and not butt up to a wall, and you don’t want any side units, then you can use an external corner post to keep the contour of the units and then use a door, rather than an end panel to keep the effect and door contour, right up until the back wall.

As you’ll see below, the effect looks great and gives the impression that there are doors all the way around.

External handleless corner post and door

You can get the same effect from wall units as well. Use an external corner post and a thinner door to create the look, see below.

External handleless corner post

If you had a kitchen island with a solid back to it, then you could use the same idea as above and use doors on the back rather than a peninsular end panel.

And 1 last ideal for wall units. Rather than having a piece of filler at the end of a run of wall units to cover the gap between the unit and the wall, you can simple cut off a section from a door (a 150mm door would be the best and cheapest to use) and use the piece to fill in the gap. The rough exposed end would butt up to the wall and never be seen and you will be left with the door contour right up to the wall.

See the image below to visualise what it could look like. Our latest Luca gloss white kitchen that has been installed in our showroom has this effect on display.

Handleless door filler

When ordering your kitchen, don’t forget to add additional doors to your order rather than end panels. You’ll need to cut the doors to size so that they are wide enough to fit into the gap required. We have doors available with widths of 150mm right up to 600mm.

Gloss or matt finish?

That is the million dollar question. They both give a great finish but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it’s ultimately your decision.

To help you decide, the gloss effect reflects light around your kitchen, which is ideal if you have a small kitchen, as the light reflects around your kitchen via the fronts of the kitchen doors, which makes your kitchen feel bigger.

The matt finish, especially the white tends to be a crisper white than the gloss and looks really clean and vibrant with an incredibly durable door.

Matt or gloss handleless kitchen

We have a  Luca Gloss White & a Luca Matt White kitchen for you to look at on our main website.

Luca end panels

With regards to Luca end panels, there is a slight difference with regards to the matt and gloss finishes.

For all Luca Matt end panels, these are flat edged end panels.

For all Luca Gloss end panels, these are rounded edged end panels.


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