How much should the average kitchen cost?


How much does a kitchen cost? This is such a difficult question to answer as there are many factors such as shape, door style, amount of units,  additional functional wireworks used and appliances.

For this example kitchen cost, we will assume that an L-shaped kitchen is being used (3050mm by 3050mm), with basic highline units and no additional wireworks or appliances. This will give you a standard price and some idea of what the actual wooded pieces in your kitchen actually cost.

We will also price up in our Innova Luca matt white door, which is a quality door and comparable to the white matt handleless doors that are sold by the high-street stores. The style of door does not require end panels as the kitchen units are finished in matt white paint, the same as the doors which helps to keep the kitchen costs down.

Example L Shaped Kitchen Cost

We have used our PDF planner (PDF Kitchen Planner) to knock up a simple floor plan with the units that would be needed for this kitchen. The only consideration we have to make in this kitchen is the window on the left hand wall.

Hover over the image below to see the wall units slotted into position.

Knowledgeable advice

We now recommend that your corner post be 70mm x 70mm, you need to ensure that these sizes are in your kitchen measurements if you have a standard corner base unit. The service void of 130mm pushes the top left corner unit out 70mm to give us the corner post size that we need on the back wall. The adjacent kitchen run is also pushed out by 70mm to give the other side of the corner post

You don’t have a be a kitchen planner or builder to be able to design your own kitchen. You just need the dimensions of the room and then look at our vast range of units that we have available.

So, the true measurements of the kitchen runs, so that you know how much space you are using here are:

Back Wall | 1230mm (including 130mm service void) + 600mm + 600mm + 600mm = 3030mm

Side Wall | 560mm (depth of kitchen unit without blanking plate) + 70mm (the service void space creates the corner post space) + 1200mm +1200mm = 3030mm

Fillers may be needed at the end of each run if they run to a wall where there is a gap between the last unit and the wall. The space left from the example above is 20mm on each run. A piece of plinth can be used here and cut down to act as a filler.

The kitchen plan above makes the assumption that you have a freestanding fridge/freezer. If you are planning to have this integrated then you would need a tall fridge/freezer housing, which are 600mm wide and would probably fit best at the far left of the run with the kitchen sink in it.

Breakdown of units in this kitchen

The items below constitute all the wooden units, worktops & plinth that are required to complete the kitchen design, pelmet and cornice are optional to kitchen designs, so have not been added for this example kitchen cost report.

Base Units Cost
FD12 x 1 1200mm Double Highline Base Unit £162 inc VAT
SBF12 x 1 1200mm Double Highline Sink Base Unit £162 inc VAT
FDCB11 x 1 1100mm Standard Corner Base Unit W C/P £159 inc VAT
BUO6 x 1 600mm Built Under Oven Housing £68 inc VAT
P2D1-6 x 1 600mm  Pull Out Pan Drawer Set £243 inc VAT
FD6 x 1 600mm Single Highline Base Unit £104 inc VAT
Wall Units
MW6 x 6 600mm Single Wall Unit – 720mm high £98 x 6 = £588 inc VAT
ILMWP30 X 3 Plinth for under units and 1 piece for fillers £29 x 3 = £87 inc VAT
Black Brazil x 2 Laminate worktops  4000 x 600 x 40 (mm) £110 x 2 = £220 inc VAT

The kitchen above with the items mentioned would cost you £1,797. There is also a charge for delivery.

Considerations to make

  • Gas hobs need space left and right of the hob, which is stated as being 50mm. No wall units can encroach in that space if less than 460mm from the worktop.
  • You may need to use smaller wall units next to the extractor above the hob if you have a wider gas hob than 600mm
  • No laminate upstands are allowed behind a gas hob as they are combustible
  • When your cut the upstands down, you may need to buy some edging tape to cover the exposed ends
  • A lot of designs that you get drawn up, you will see end panels at either side of a built under single oven housing. You don’t have to have these.

MyBuilder website

There is a good website below where you can ask building related questions or even find a tradesman to fit your kitchen or even rip the old one out and adapt the room.


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