How to construct a plate rack


When designing a kitchen, some people want to add a little feature to it or make look a little different. One idea people like to implement is a plate rack but they’re not quite sure exactly how to do it.

Well, the following information shows you the items that you would need to create your plate rack, as well as some examples found in real kitchens.

Please note that plate racks are only available in certain styles of kitchen. Plate racks are located in the Plinths/Panels & Accessories > Accessories tabs on the main website, once you have selected your door style. Check this area first before you start planning your kitchen.

Open Wall Units Required

In order to fit a plate rack into your kitchen, you are going to need an open wall unit to achieve this.

When choosing your wall units, you need to ensure you get the correct height ones. See the guide below.

  • 575mm Wall Units are designed for use with 1825mm Tall Units.
  • 720mm Wall Units are designed for use with 1970mm Tall Units.
  • 900mm Wall Units are designed for use with 2150mm Tall Units.

So, look for the tallest height of any tall units in your kitchen plan and choose the correct height wall unit to fit in with your design.

Once you know the height of your open wall unit, you’ll then need to think about the width of it. On our website, we have open wall units in widths of 500mm, 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm.

You can see all our available open wall units that can be used here. Open Kitchen Wall Units


Your plate rack can be located wherever you want but a lot of people place this above the kitchen sink, if there is no window present. This allows you to wash, dry and put you plates away without having to move you feet!

See the example pictures below to get a feel for how they could look in your kitchen.

Plate Rack  Example 1

Plate Rack  Example 2

Plate Rack  Example 3

Plate Rack  Example 4

Plate Rack  Example 5

Plate Rack  Example 6

Plate Rack  Example 7

Plate Rack  Example 8


The Plate Rack

Plate Rack  FrameThe plate rack itself is a pretty simple item, it looks like a miniature ladder:-) The plate racks are made from solid timber spindles and rails. 1200mm long but can be cut down and features 25 x 10mm diameter dowels at 47mm centres, set between 18mm top and bottom rails.

Plate rack dimensions 1200 x 336 x 18mm

The largest open wall unit that we have available is 1000mm so the plate rack is large enough and can be cut to fit in there easily.

If you want a plate rack that uses the whole 1200mm space then you can use 2 x 600mm open wall units and cut the plate rack in half.


When you are ready to order, you can see our complete range of kitchen units here


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