Inframe tray-set diagramAll of our Innova kitchen ranges give you the option of a tray space unit to incorporate into your kitchen designs, to help create some functional space for those small spaces that can remain in kitchen runs.

But, did you know that we have a tray set unit that is exclusive to our inframe kitchen ranges? This is the 200mm wide tray space unit as shown on the right.

This is an inframe only design, so it is only available in the Harewood & Helmsley inframe kitchen ranges.

The unit comes with 1 spice drawer and 2 trays positioned below it.

Tray set examples

Here’s how the inframe tray sets could look in your home from some examples from our real customer kitchen photos.

Inframe Tray Space Unit

Inframe tray set 4

Inframe tray set 1

Inframe tray set 3

Inframe tray set 2

Silsden 150mm tray space unit

Silsden tray space unitAlthough not an inframe kitchen style, our Silsden traditional kitchen range has a very similar unit available. This is the 150mm wide Spice Drawer & Tray Space unit, as shown on the right.

This unit only comes with 1 tray though and it fits snuggly into the bottom part of the unit until needed again. This unit also creates a nice feature in the kitchen, especially when used in pairs.

These tray set/space units shown on this page, are NOT available in any other kitchen ranges that we sell.

150mm tray space examples

Here’s how the 150mm wide tray spaces could look in your home from some examples from our real customer kitchens.

Silsden tray space 1

Silsden tray space 2

If you’re thinking of buying an other kitchen style, then this article on Tray Space units will be a useful read.


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2 thoughts on “Inframe tray set unit”
  • Jenny Griffiths says:

    Hi, is there a picture or video of spice jars in the spice drawer? Just wondering if they lay down or stand up. Is it a metal basket drawer? Thanks!

    October 30, 2023 at 8:11 am
    • DIY Kitchens says:

      Hi Jenny, the pull-out wire basket which many customers use for spices is shown in this video. As you can see, they’re wired metal baskets and the spice jars would need to be upright, not laid down.

      October 31, 2023 at 6:55 am
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