Installing a single oven into a kitchen unit?


The majority of ovens that fit into kitchen units are electric single ovens that are around 595mm wide and high. These fit inside 600mm wide kitchen units. See example below. The example below also makes use of the space below the oven that can sometimes get wasted. If you have the option, make the most of it!

Install Single OvenThe oven that you get will fit snugly into the unit and installation is pretty straight forward, as shown below.

  • You need a plug socket behind where the oven will sit or a way of getting power to that location.
  • Ensure that before you push the oven fully in that the plug from the oven has been plugged in and turned on.
  • Push the oven all the way in so that it sits flush.
  • Open the door to the oven and you will see 4 screw holes, 2 on either side. 4 screws are now used to secure the oven to the kitchen unit so that it is secure.

Prepping the oven

That’s basically it. All you need to do know is give the oven a good clean out and put any necessary shelves in there. Oh, and don’t forget to read the instruction book as the oven will have some features that you don’t know about, which you may stumble across a few years later and wish you had read the manual back then:-)

You can see some examples of single oven units that you can use in your kitchen here.

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