Integrated fridge/freezer wall unit and power socket


Most of our units have a 42mm service void behind them to allow for pipes and wires etc but with a tall housing unit for an integrated fridge/freezer there is no service void.

The reason no service void is present on these units is because the backs of them are left open to accommodate the appliance as the depth of the appliance takes up most of this space. Thus, causing a slight problem when trying to plug it into a socket directly behind it.

Dimensions of a typical 600mm wide 1970mm high fridge/freezer housing

Height: 1970mm
Width: 600mm
Depth: 560mm
Legs: 150mm (Total external height of 2120mm)

The overall dimensions for this unit are the same no matter if you opt for a 50/50 split or a 70/30 split. The only change will be to the size of the doors.

1970mm integrated fridge freezer housing


Dimensions of some typical integrated fridge/freezers

Here are a few examples of the dimensions of an integrated fridge/freezer. The measurement at the end is the depth.

  • Example 1: Dimensions: H1772mm x W543mm x D550mm
  • Example 2: Dimensions: H1772mm x W540mm x D547mm
  • Example 3: Dimensions: H1772mm x W540mm x D536mm

As you can see from the measurements above, there is less than 20mm left behind the fridge/freezer, which is not enough space to plug the appliance in.

Ideal solution

The ideal solution to get power to your integrated fridge/freezer is to put the power socket into an adjacent base unit, right at the back so that it is accessible through the base unit should you need to turn the power off to it.

As there is around 200mm left at the top of the fridge/freezer when fitted, there is theoretically space up there for a plug socket to be installed before you fit the kitchen, or in fact at the bottom where the 150mm legs push the unit up. The decision is yours really but putting the power socket behind an adjacent unit, which is accessible through it makes the most sense.


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