Kitchen Island Ideas & Inspiration


Many people tend to ask the question, “How do I design a kitchen island?” Well, to tell you the truth, there is no one size fits all kitchen island design, as you can make it exactly how you want, so that it fits in with the shape of your room and even add appliances where you want them to make the island completely unique!

The shape and design of your kitchen island can be whatever your imagination dreams up!

Kitchen island split level with breakfast bar

Can hobs and sinks be placed in a kitchen island?

Yes, hobs and sinks can be placed in a kitchen island but you may not have room for both, unless it’s a pretty big island. The considerations that you need to pay close attention to are getting gas, electricity and drainage under the flooring as most islands are positioning in the middle of the room, with no wall to run cables and pipes along or behind. You can see some examples of hobs and sinks installed in kitchen islands below.

Kitchen Island With Sink

Island- with sink

Island With Hob

Island With Hob & Sink

Wine coolers & ovens

As well as sinks and hobs, you could even put a wine cooler in your island, and oven or even a microwave. See the examples below to see how these could look in your own home.

Island with wine cooler

Island with wine cooler

Kitchen island with oven

Downdraft extractors

If you want to be fancy, why not include a downdraft extractor into your kitchen island to take away all the cooking smells and steam. They are very functional, look great and disappear back into your worktop when not in use.

Kitchen island with downdraft extractor

Kitchen island with downdraft extractor


Bolt on a breakfast bar

If you’ve got the space and there is room in your budget then why not bolt on a breakfast bar to your kitchen island and create an additional seating area in your kitchen, away from the main dining table. Very convenient for fly by visits to the fridge or midnight snacks! Check out the images below to see some examples.

Kitchen island with breakfast bar

Kitchen island with breakfast barKitchen island with breakfast bar

Worktop considerations

When it comes to worktops, you can use any worktop that you like but there are limitations when it comes to laminate and solid wood worktops. So, when deciding on the width of your kitchen island, please ensure that you know which worktop you intend on using first, as this may change the design of your island a little, unless you join 2 pieces of worktop together.

Kitchen island with breakfast bar and large worktopKitchen island with breakfast bar

Split Level Islands

Your kitchen island does not have to be completely flat like your kitchen worksurface. You can create a split level island, which is very useful if you want to incorporate a breakfast bar with tall stools or lower one end and use it more as a display feature for ornaments or for serving food away from the main island area.

Split level kitchen islandSplit level kitchen islandSplit level kitchen island

60 Second Kitchen Island Showcase

Take a look at the video below to get some more kitchen island design inspiration.


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