A kitchen island has no set structure, it is made just the way you design it and the possibilities are endless! Once the island has been designed and your creation has come to life, there is no better way to compliment it than with some elegant island pendant lighting, to illuminate and show off your masterpiece.

Please note that this article is just a guide. There are many exceptions to the rules of distancing and amount of pendants to use, but as long as it looks good and the lights are safe, then just go for it and create something unique! Some customers even make their own lighting from objects they collect, like ship lanterns!

Amount of island pendants

The amount of pendants above the island is optional but 3 seems to be the magic number, providing you have enough space that is.

If space is limited (an island that is only around 1200mm wide) then 2 pendants might be the best option, unless you go for some really small mini or spherical glass pendants instead.

Island pendant cones x3

Island pendant teardrops x

Island pendant positioning

To get the best effect from pendant lighting above the island, the pendants should be positioned between 450mm to 760mm apart and be at least 150mm in, from the ends of the island.

With regards to the height, the pendants should be between 760mm & 1000mm from the top of the island.

An island with a width of at least 1800mm, would be ideal to incorporate 3 pendants above it.

Island pendant positioning

Island pendant types

When it comes to pendant lighting for your island, there are absolutely loads of different styles available! These are some of the more popular ones used by our customers.


Island pendant bowl

Island pendant bowl


Island pendant cone

Island pendant cone


Island pendant cylinder

Island pendant cylinder


Island Pendant Dome

Island pendant dome

Rounded Glass

Island pendant rounded glass

Island pendant rounded glass

Chandelier alternative

As an alternative to pendant lighting, some people opt to go for a big chandelier above the island. Whereas pendants are for more occasional, directed downlighting, chandeliers are chosen, not only for a decorative feature, but for one of the main light sources, as light is sent mainly upwards to illuminate the room.

Island chandelier

Island chandelier

There are also Linear multi light chandeliers available that have multiple pendants hanging down. Chandeliers only have the one cable that supplies power to one or multiple lights in a linear arrangement, whereas individual pendants attached to the ceiling, need a power source for each one.

Island chandelier linear lights

Island chandelier linear lights

Island Examples


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