Some of the terms used in the construction of a kitchen don’t sound too obvious to what they exactly are. This page will go through some of the most commonly used terms and give you a plain English explanation.

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A base cabinet fitted with a door only


A base cabinet fitted with both a door and a drawer fascia. Drawer is available as a working drawer or as a dummy fascia


A decorative curved component fitted to the side of a cabinet to create a design feature.


An optional decorative panel that is generally matched to the colour and finish of the door and clads the existing cabinet side usually at the end of a run of units.


A column style design feature particularly popular in more traditional kitchens.


A thin section of worktop material fitted against the wall at the back edge of the worktop.


A panel available in worktop material, glass or stainless steel designed to prevent splashes marking the wall at the back of a hob


A design feature which allows for cabinets to protrude forward from the main run of cabinets


Usually installed in larger, more traditional kitchens, a mantle is a large over cooker accessory feature that creates the look of an open chimney breast


A decorative shelf support matched to the finish of the door


A decorative panel that is fitted to the bottom of the base cabinets, sometimes referred to as a ‘kick board’.


A decorative profile designed to fit to the underside of wall cabinets


A decorative profile designed to fit on the top of wall and tall cabinets


A freestanding base cabinet arrangement generally installed in larger kitchens


An arrangement of cabinets usually attached at one end to either a wall or the main cabinet run.


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