How do I line up a kitchen mantle?


A question that we were recently asked regarding a kitchen mantle was, “I want to use the following setup:

  • 2120mm tall unit (with legs)
  • 720mm high wall unit
  • 1210mm high kitchen mantle
  • 720mm high wall unit
  • 2120mm tall unit (with legs)

But, the top of the kitchen mantle will be out of alignment by 10mm as my worktop is 30mm thick quartz. Can you advise on how to get all this to line up?”

The best solution

Well, the kitchen mantle is designed to work with 2120mm tall units, 720mm wall/base units and a 40mm thick worktop.

See the image below that shows the 2120mm measurement required for everything to line up with a 1210mm high mantle.

Mantle measurements

These measurements below all add up to 2120mm, the same as the tall unit wanting to be used.

  • 150mm legs on the base unit
  • 720mm base units
  • 40mm worktop
  • 1210mm kitchen mantle

But, as the customer’s worktop is thinner (30mm thick), the other 10mm will need to be achieved by raising the mantle or by placing a thin piece of colour matching filler at the top.

No tall units solution

If no tall units are being used in the kitchen run, then you can simply lower the wall units by 10mm to get the mantle to line up correctly.

Custom size kitchen mantle

If you require a custom size mantle then we can make the mantle higher or wider (only in 100mm increments) but you will have to add a note to the order advising the height, for every 100mm there is a £100 surcharge.

Installed kitchen mantles in people’s homes

Take a look at the images below to see how a kitchen mantle could look in your home.

Customer kitchen mantle Customer kitchen mantle Customer kitchen mantle Customer kitchen mantle Customer kitchen mantle Customer kitchen mantle Customer kitchen mantle Customer kitchen mantle


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