How to make a Butler’s pantry


We don’t sell a Butler’s Pantry as such on our website but you can create the look very easily with a double dresser unit and 2 door racks. Our double dresser units that allow you to create the Butler’s pantry, are now only available in our inframe kitchen styles. The example below, shows a Harewood double dresser/Butler’s pantry kitchen unit on display in our showroom.

Butlers pantry closed kitchen showroom example

Butlers pantry open kitchen showroom example

If you require the wooden door racks that are positioned on the inside of the doors, to create the Butler’s pantry then these are available and are £200.00 each, plus vat. The door racks need to be added as special request for this unit. This can be done through our sales team, once you have the double dresser unit in your shopping cart.

Sizes available

We supply the double dresser units in the following sizes:

  • 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm wide and 1210mm high
  • We also offer shallow depth 300mm or 560mm deep double dresser units

Double dresser units to create a butler's pantry

300mm deep double dresser units would line up with your wall units. The 560mm deep units would line up with the front of your base units, just like in the 1st image on this page, above.

Can I create this look in other non-inframe kitchen ranges?

To create a similar look, some people do use our mid-height base units and remove the legs on site, to allow the unit to be positioned onto the worktop. But, this unit will sit slightly higher than the rest of the tall units, as mid-height units are 1250mm high, not 1210mm or 1390mm high, as a dresser unit would be. Door racks are also available for mid-sized units.

Here is a link to the dresser unit page, if you need anymore information on these double dresser units, to allow you to create a Butler’s pantry.


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