How to maximise kitchen space utilisation


No matter how big or small your kitchen is, space is always at a premium and making the best use of the space you have will make things easier for you in the future. The following article will go through tips and ideas and how to get the most from your new kitchen design.

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150mm units to improve functionality

If you have large corner units without any fancy mechanisms then you tend to find that a lot of this space is inaccessible and not used because of this. If you want full use of your kitchen space then it is sometimes a good idea to decrease the size of these corner units and place a couple of 150mm units in the run to repurpose that empty space and make it accessible.

The image below shows an example of a 150mm unit.

Vauth Sagel 150mm unit and wirework

In total, there are 3 variations of  the wireworks that go inside the 150mm wide units, these are:

  • Trays to hole jars & bottles
  • Racks to hold tea towels
  • Rails to hold baking trays

The video below shows the different types of wireworks available in more detail.

Built in microwaves

If you have the space then moving your microwave into one of your wall units can make it easier to access and it will also free up value worktop space that can now be filled by a kettle and toaster:-) See the images below to see how a microwave could look when built into one of your wall units.

Built in microwave unit

Built in microwave unit

Built in microwave unit


Built in microwave

Built in microwave

Under oven drawers

There is always a way of increasing utilisable space in the kitchen and one easy way to do this is to use oven housing units with a built in drawer.

The types of units available mainly give you the one drawer but there are others that can utilise the space where the plinth would normally go.

The image below shows you a side by side oven setup that uses the single drawer oven housing kitchen units.

Built under oven housing drawers

There are also a few other alternatives to built under oven housing units as shown below.

Built under oven housing unitsDownload an infographic showing oven housing units here.

Corner units

A lot of space can be wasted in standard corner units as they are usually quite big and it’s not always possible to get to the backs of units to pull things out. What people tend to do is chuck all the stuff that they don’t use into them, but that is not the solution! And, if there are things that you don’t use anymore in the kitchen then don’t hide them away, get rid of them!

Below are a few ideas on different types of corner unit mechanisms on how to get the most out of your corner units.

Corner base carousel

The corner base carousel gives a very convenient way of accessing all the items in the unit via 2 circular rotating shelves. Simply open the 2 doors as normal to gain access.

Corner base carousel

Le Mans 2 studio height

The Le Mans 2 studio height mechanism gives you access to 4 huge pullout shelves that can each hold a maximum of 20kg of items. The shelves are accessible by opening the main unit door as normal.
Le Mans 2 Studio Height

Magic corner base

The magic corner mechanism literally brings items to you as you open the main kitchen unit door. The first wire basket comes right out of the unit whilst the second wire basket moves forward so that you can gain easy access to the items stored on it.
Magic corner base

Le Mans 2 unit

The standard Le Mans unit mechanism gives you access to 2 large pull out shelves that can each hold up to 20kg in weight. When not in use, the shelves fit perfectly back into a kitchen unit.
Le Mans unit

Revo 90 mechanism

The Revo 90 mechanism not only gives you 360 degree access to everything stored on the 2 shelves inside the unit but there are also no issues regarding how the doors are going to open, as the doors also revolve around within the unit!
Revo 90 mechanism

Download a corner unit infographic here. Or,you can see all the corner base unit images on Pinterest below.

Follow DIY Kitchens’s board Kitchen Corner Unit Mechanisms on Pinterest.


Larder units & integrated appliances

If you’re lucky enough to have enough space to stick in some tall units into your kitchen design then you’ll want to make the best use of them, rather than just having another unit to store random junk in that may not be used again.

With that in mind, plan all your tall units with a purpose. Will they hold integrated appliances like fridges to keep your kitchen looking tidy and uniform or would you like a pull out larder unit that pushes all the items out on a tall shelve mechanism making them ultra accessible?

If you’re not sure, then have a look at some of the examples below to give you a better idea on what types of units are available.

Swing out pantry unit

Swing out pantry units are extremely useful as everything you store within the unit is placed on multiple shelves that span the main unit and the back of the unit door as well. A great feature inside your kitchen if you have the space.
Swing out pantry unit

Integrated fridge freezer unit

You’ve spent £1000s on your kitchen and your forgot to plan for your fridge/freezer, so you placed it in between 2 units and although it works, it kind of breaks the flow of the kitchen and really sticks out.

If you are one of those people that likes everything to have a place and blend in with the kitchen then a tall unit that can house your fridge/freezer is just the solution. The example below shows just how this could look in your kitchen.
Built in fridge freezer

Tall pull out larder unit

Get easy access to all your food items. Rather than having an abundance of shelves in multiple units, just have the 1 giant unit where everything comes to you with a pull out mechanism!
Tall pull out larder unit

Check out an infographic of some other pull out units here.

Dresser Units

You may find that your kitchen has a long run of units and you have more workspace than you know what to do with. If tall units don’t fit into the design of your kitchen then you can opt for dresser units instead that fit neatly onto your worktops that give you additional storage and a nice little feature for your kitchen.

Take a look at the examples below see some dresser units used in a few kitchen designs.

Dresser unit

Dresser unit

Dresser unit

Dresser unit

Download an infographic showing dresser unit types here.


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  • Nicky Breen says:

    Is it possible to get a built in microwave wall unit in the Harewood Inframe range? Or is there a particular cupboard that we could adapt to suit at all?

    February 8, 2015 at 8:25 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:


      You would need to add a standard 500/600 wall unit to the shopping cart with notes on stating they wish to have it made into a microwave unit and provide dimensions and we would make it to suit.

      February 9, 2015 at 11:31 am
  • Adam Stevenson says:

    I’m interested in the remo white kitchen. Unfortunately in my design I only have room for 900mm corner units. I notice that you only do 950mm and upwards with in-built storage solutions (le mans, magic etc). Can I buy a standard 900mm with a 400mm door and buy a separate le mans unit and fit it?



    January 30, 2015 at 4:45 pm
    • Diy Kitchens says:


      The le-mans is available for a 900 unit, if the blanking panel is on the r/h side you will need a K2LM400SCL and if the panel is on the l/h side you will need the K2LM400SCR.

      February 2, 2015 at 9:26 am
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    This is helpful, samples are fantastic, really impressive service.

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