How can I move my microwave from my worktop?


A question that we were recently asked was “What is the best way of getting my microwave off the worktop to free up some space?

Well, there are many different ways to do this and below, I will show the most popular ways to do this.

Microwave wall units

A very convenient way of tidying up the kitchen layout and getting the microwave off the worktop, is to place it in a wall unit, as shown below.

Microwave in a wall unit
Microwave in a wall unit

The microwave blends seamlessly into the kitchen and you don’t have to bend down to get into it anymore.

With microwaves that fit into the wall, in order for them to fit properly and look good, you will have to buy a built-in version. The widths of built in microwaves that will fit in wall units would need to be around ~59.4cm wide and ~31.7cm deep.

Our wall units are 30cm deep and the extra measurement you see on the microwave’s depth, is basically the door that sticks out from the microwave to line up with the adjacent wall unit doors.

Some people do use their freestanding microwave, if it is small enough, and just place it in the gap in the wall unit. There is no problem doing this but you would lose the integrated look. Please note that the depth of a standard microwave can range anywhere from about 35cm deep. This depth microwave would not fit flush into a wall unit.

Freestanding microwave in wall unit

You can see all our microwave wall units on our main website here.

Microwave tall units

Another option to remove your microwave from your worktop is by placing it into a tall unit. We offer various ways of doing this with different tall unit combinations, but the overall effect is the same. The image below shows a microwave above a double oven in a tall unit. As you can see, it looks really nice and blends in well.

A microwave in a tall unit
A microwave in a tall unit

Unlike microwave wall units, the depth of our tall units are 56cm deep (to a maximum depth of ~58cm if you count the door from the front of the microwave that will stick out to line up with any adjacent doors).

So, with a tall unit, you have a little more flexibility with your choice of built-in microwave and you can opt for a larger capacity one, like a 50-litre version for example!

Not quite tall units but 1250mm high mid sized units are also available and will accommodate a microwave.

Microwave base units

And finally, if you are happy to bend down a little to get to your microwave then you can also place it in a base unit, so that it is tucked out of the way to free up some valuable worktop space for something else, like the toaster! 😊

Microwave in a base unit
Microwave in a base unit
Freestanding microwave in a base unit

A big bonus of this unit is that you get some really convenient storage below it, in the form of a pull out pan drawer.


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