Customer Questions

How to plan around a boiler and other obstacles

  Unlike many of our competitors, we understand that not all kitchens are perfect and that many have areas that might be difficult to plan around or time consuming (and therefore expensive) for a fitter to work around. Here at DIY Kitchens, we have a number of solutions for just these situations… Boiler housings Unsightly

How to plan a kitchen corner

  When planning your kitchen it’s really important that you consider how you want to fit your cabinets around corners. Here at DIY Kitchens we have a number of options that are both stylish and practical. We are able to offer standard corner cabinets, ‘L’ shaped corner cabinets, curved corner cabinets and diagonal corner cabinets

Tongue And Groove End Panels & Radius Feature Ends

  We were recently asked a question regarding tongue and groove end panels & radius feature ends. The best way to answer it was with the image below as you can see the answer instantly. (Q) “I am planning to put a tongue and groove end panel (EOGP24) at the end of a run of

How to Create a Kitchen Plan

  Begin your kitchen plan by mapping out your new kitchen layout on a piece of graph paper. If you visit our ‘Downloads’ section of the website you’ll be able to download our Kitchen Planner PDF. The most important procedure in the planning stage is to accurately measure your room. We recommend that you plan

How do I fill in a 225mm gap in a kitchen run?

  A common question many people ask is how do they fill in a gap that is left between 2 units in a kitchen run. Well, there is no definitive answer to this as there are a few options, which we have listed below. Also, the examples below are based on having an extra 225mm

Can you explain what the kitchen door materials are?

  All of our kitchen door materials are shown below and how each the kitchen doors are constructed. We hope you find this information useful when deciding upon your new kitchen. Download our useful kitchen doors materials PDF here Door Materials Timber Melamine Veneer Vinyl Faced MDF Painted/Lacquered MDF Painted Vinyl MDF Painted Timber Acrylic

Showroom Frequently Asked Questions

  Our showroom contains lots of stunning displays with hundreds of features and clever ideas and we understand that you will have lots of questions to ask. Below we have tried to answer some of the more frequently asked customer questions that are asked by visitors to our showroom. You can download a PDF version

How to construct a plate rack

  When designing a kitchen, some people want to add a little feature to it or make look a little different. One idea people like to implement is a plate rack but they’re not quite sure exactly how to do it. Well, the following information shows you the items that you would need to create

Top tips for fitting your own kitchen

  When it comes to fitting your own kitchen, the devil is in the details. To have a well-designed kitchen, one needs to be very thorough with measurements and have a solid plan in place. If you have a proclivity for DIY projects along with an eye for detail, you can end up saving a

What is Cornice, Pelmet & Plinth?

  Many people ask the question, what is the difference between pelmet, cornice and plinth? Well, rather than writing down a few hundred words explaining what each piece is, I decided to make a quick diagram that shows you instead. Click the image below to see a much bigger version of it. You can see