Customer Questions

Horizontal bi-fold door adjustment

  A question we were recently asked regarding bi-fold doors was… “We had our kitchen fitted in December and on one of the bi-fold wall units, the door has slipped down. How do we tighten it? Well, the horizontal bi-fold doors have a series of hinges that allow it to open upwards, so there could be

What gap do I need between the worktop and bottom of the wall units?

  The gap required between the top of the worktop and the base of the wall units is usually around 490mm. This figure is achieved by taking into account a 40mm worktop. Some worktops are about 30mm in height, so you may end up with a gap of 500mm, which is perfectly fine. If you

Do you make curved units?

  Here is a question regarding curved units that we were recently asked. Tall curved units “On your website there is a picture of a Linwood kitchen. In the picture there is a tall curved unit on the end next to a large American fridge. Where is it on your website and what door ranges

What is a Le Mans corner unit?

  A Le Mans corner base unit provides a very convenient way of accessing items in hard to reach places in the unit. This is achieved by the 2 or 4 large trays that extend out of the unit that bring items to you. One thing to remember with the Le Mans corner base units

What types of cutlery inserts do you have?

  We have many different types of cutlery inserts that will help to keep your cutlery neat and tidy and easily accessible that fit perfectly into our kitchen unit drawers. Our cutlery inserts can hold your traditional knives, forks and spoons or we have some available especially designed to hold your sharp cutting knife collection.

What is a kitchen pilaster?

  A true pilaster is a decorative feature that gives the effect that it is used to support a ceiling in or outside a building. A pilaster in a kitchen context is purely ornate and adds a nice little feature to give more of a traditional look to your kitchen. An example pilaster on show

How do I box in an American Fridge/Freezer?

  Many people opt to go for an American Fridge/Freezer in their homes for 2 reasons. Firstly, they can be very stylish and can create quite a feature in your kitchen and secondly, they are massive and can hold a lot of food, especially handy if you have a large family! Creating the box The

What are the modern door differences?

  So, you’ve decided to modernise your kitchen and you want to go for a modern door but you’re just not sure which of the modern door styles to go for. If this is the dilemma that you are experiencing then this article will show you all the modern door styles that we have available

What is a downdraft extractor?

  A downdraft extractor is a very clever way of removing cooking smells and steam from your hob, without the need to have an overhead extractor, as seen in many homes. The downdraft extractor sits behind your hob and rises out of your worktop when in use, as shown in the video below. Because the

What are the inframe door differences?

  So, you’ve looked through all the door styles and you have decided you quite like the look of the inframe door styles. The following article will show you the differences between the door styles and explain what an inframe door actually is. What is an inframe door? A standard kitchen door range in technical terms