Peninsular base units – What are they?


Peninsular base unit doubleA question that we were recently asked was “I’m looking to order from you and I’m having a small peninsular, but I don’t understand the difference between your base units and your peninsular base units. Why would I need a peninsular unit instead of a standard base unit? And what goes at the back of the unit?”

Peninsular base units

Well, a peninsular base unit looks very similar to a standard base unit but the difference is, there are doors on both sides of the unit, so that it can be accessed from either side of the peninsular. That’s basically all there is to it and no backing like a peninsular back panel is required in this instance.

Peninsular base units customer kitchen

What is a peninsular in a kitchen?

A peninsular in a kitchen can resemble a small island but what makes it a peninsular is the fact that it is still connected to a kitchen run or wall and usually goes out into an open space, where both sides of it can be accessed.

Peninsular 1

The peninsular can either use peninsular units, as mentioned above or it can be made with standard base units. With standard units, you can even adapt the peninsular into a breakfast bar. Either way, the peninsular can add a nice little feature into your kitchen design.

Peninsular breakfast bar

If using standard base units to create your peninsular, you can get pretty creative with it and choose reduced depth units one side and full size the other, if you wanted to create something a little wider, like you would do with an island.

Wide Peninsular

You can even finish the end of the peninsular with a few curved units to give it smooth finish.

Peninsular with curved end

When using peninsular base units, these are 560mm in depth with doors on both sides so, the width of a peninsular, using peninsular base units cannot be made any wider. Also, because of the 560mm depth, you cannot have curved base units at the end of the peninsular, as each curved unit is 300mm wide and 2 of these would equal 600mm. When you then add on the width of 2 doors, this would make it ~640mm wide (~40mm) too wide at the end and the curved doors would stick out the sides.

Peninsular units & laminate worktops

Square edged breakfast barWhen placing a laminate worktop onto peninsular units that open from both sides, you will not be able to use a standard 600mm deep laminate worktop on them, as this worktop would not give you an overhang over the units.

As the peninsular units are 560mm deep and with 2 doors (~40mm), the total depth from left to right is ~600mm. The worktop needs to overhang both sides slightly, so 600mm will not be deep enough.

We recommend an overhang of 20mm past the tops of the doors and the only laminate worktop we have to accommodate this is the 640mm deep breakfast bar, in the square edged laminate worktop range. If you are using granite or quartz then you can have the worktop cut to size.

More peninsular examples

Here are some pictures of peninsulars that our customers have created in their own kitchens. Have fun planning your own!

Customer peninsular
Customer peninsular
Customer peninsular
Customer peninsular
Customer peninsular
Customer peninsular
Customer peninsular
Customer peninsular


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