Do you have any tips for placing a hob in a corner?


A question that we were recently asked  was do you have any tips for placing a hob in a corner, preferably with pan drawers underneath? Or an L shape unit with 3/4 carousel?

Corner hob over a pan drawer

Well, if you wanted to use a pan drawer in a corner then it would have to be packed out with end panels either side, to allow for the drawers to open. Due to the amount of space that this will take, we generally advise against it and we would advise getting a designer/fitter to ensure the position works with the space you are proposing in your kitchen.

Hob over an l shaped unit

If you needed to put the hob over an l shaped unit, again access would be an issue and also the surface area would not be deep enough. Ideally you would have to use a diagonal corner unit as shown on the right of the image below.

Hob in diagonal corner unit

You may run into issues as well, having to cut into the joins of 2 laminate worktops on the corner. You may need to go for a solid surface worktop like quartz, so that your hob can be slotted into a neat cut-out.

Can I have a pan drawer under an Induction hob?

If you are planning on having your hob (induction, gas or electric) on a straight run then you can have any unit that you like below it. The hob basically sits within the worktop and does not encroach into the unit space.

The only thing that you need to be mindful of is there will be some wires for electric or gas that will need to go out of the back of the unit, into the 42mm service void, to connect to a power/gas source.

Here are some examples of hobs above some kitchen units.


Electric hob over double pan drawers

Gas hob above cutlery drawer

Induction hob above drawer in breakfront

Induction hob above highline unit

Induction hob over cutlery drawer

Induction hob over highline unit


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