Do your sink base units have a back panel?


Quite a popular question that we get asked is “Do you have back panels on your sink base units and if so, do the back panels on the sink base units come fixed or do they come apart easy, to aid in cutting around pipe work and water meters etc?”

Well, our sink base units are made slightly differently to other base units and come with 3/4 high back panels.

This means that there is a small opening at the back of the unit, right at the top, to aid with plumbing and drainage.

Sink base unit open back

The back panels that are fitted to these sink base units are fixed into position. However, the back panel is 8mm thick, so it can be easily cut into shape if required to accommodate plumbing pipes etc.

Different types of sink base unit

As well as the backs of the sink units being made differently, there are also quite a few different types of sink base units that allow you to blend it in with the rest of your kitchen.

There are single units, double units, corner units, drawer line and pan drawer sink units that are all available to house the plumbing below your sink and provide some additional storage too.

Take a look at the images below to see how these types of sink units could look in your home.

Sink base unit 1

Sink base unit 2

Sink base unit 3

Sink base unit 4

Sink base unit 5

Sink base unit 6

Sink base unit 7

Sink base unit 8

Sink base unit 9


All our sink base units are available on our main site here.


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