What is the Difference between MDF & MFC?



MFC is an initialism for Melamine Faced Chipboard and is used in 1 of our kitchen door styles which is the Innova Cento.

MFC has come a long way since the cheap flat pack furniture from the 80s and is now a lot more resilient and hardwearing. Today’s MFC can be used to create very modern looking kitchens with its printed wood grain on a melamine film that forms the face and edges of the chipboard.

Our Innova Cento door, which uses MFC to create its stylish look, also uses durable 2mm ABS edging, meaning that it is both fashionable and hard wearing.

The German kitchen marketing is renowned for producing excellent quality kitchens and you may be surprised to know that over 90% of German kitchens use MFC for the kitchen base units as well as the kitchen doors.

MFC can over time start to lose its colour slightly and MFC is a lot lighter than MDF. Unless we are making doors from natural timbers such as Oak & Ash then we prefer to use a nice solid MDF door.


MDF is an initialism for Medium Density Fiberboard, which is used in quite a few of our kitchen door styles such as the Innova Livorna, Altino & Luca ranges.

MDF is an engineered wood and was invented in the 1960s and is made from the fibres of other kinds of woods and bound together using heat. The MDF boards are very hard wearing and resilient to warping and swelling, making them ideal for kitchen doors.

MDF also paints very well, as you will see from our Innova Luca gloss range of kitchen doors with their nice smooth finishes.



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