Fun Photos


Below are some fun kitchen/cooking type pictures that should bring a smile to your face:-) If you have any funny pics along the same lines as the ones below then feel free to send them!

Fun Photo #1 – Built-in Toilet

This kitchen has a built in toilet! Ideal if your cooking is not as good as it should be:-)

Toilet in the kitchen

Fun Photo #2 – Pet Love

They say that owners tend to look like their dogs but making your baking look like your dog is taking it a little too far!

Pet love


Fun Photo #3 – Pizza Perfection

Fancy a pizza but your oven has blown? Simply get an iron, a hair dryer and a bit of patience and that pizza will be ready to eat in no time at all!

Pizza cooked with hair dryer and iron


Fun Photo #4 – Charger Heat

There is nothing worse than a cold sausage roll whilst hard at work on your laptop. If you need a little heat running through your snack then use your laptop’s charger and either a friend’s laptop or monitor power adapter, place your sausage roll as indicated below and voila. The harder you work, the faster your sausage roll will heat!

Sausage roll heated with laptop


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