Facts & Ideas

The invention of the pop up toaster

  Did you know that the first toasters only used to toast one side of the bread? How annoying would that be first thing in the morning when you’re in a rush to get out of the door to do to work! It was not until the invention of the toaster as we know it

The fridge with a gun turret

 In 1927 General Electric started to distribute the household fridge. The only down site to this fridge was that it looked like it had a gun turret on it from a warship! This was in fact the refrigeration unit that was used to keep the food chilled. Any Doctor Who fans out there may liken

Hammer History

 Did you know that the hammer dates back to 2,400,000 BC and it is consider to be the first tool to ever reside in a prehistoric tool box! I wonder if cavemen ever suffered from bashing their thumb with a hammer whilst putting kitchen units up in the cave? Hammers come in all different shapes

Hammer Invention

 Have you ever thought of a DIY device that could change the world but it remains nothing more than a thought in your head? We thought of the idea of the hammer that holds the nail inside the head and all you have to do is hit the spot where you want the nail and