Cook the perfect steak in under 6 minutes


Steak cooked to perfection

You like steak cooking just the way you like it but one man’s rare steak is another man’s under cooked one!

Same with well done, my idea of well done is a steak that is cooked with no sign of blood whereas some restaurants will cook it that much that even your family pooch will turn its nose up at it!

So, the only true way to get your steak just the way you like it is to cook it yourself!

Jamie Oliver’s YouTube video below shows you how to cook the perfect steak in about 6 minutes. Get the perfect cut of meat from your butchers and follow the video and you will not go far wrong!

Cooking times

Cooking times for pieces of steak do differ slightly depending on the cut of meat that you are using. if you are cooking a steak that is about 2cm thick then the follow cooking times are a good guide.

Remember, steak should be left at room temperature for about 1 hour prior to cooking and should be left for 5 minutes after cooking to rest, before serving.

Rare – where the steak appears cooked on the outside but still raw in the middle will take about 90 seconds each side in a hot frying pan

Medium – where the steak is cooked on the outside and inside but still a little red in the middle will take about 3 minutes each side in a hot frying pan

Well Done – where the steak is completely cooked and sometimes charred on the outside would take anywhere from 4 minutes each side in a hot frying pan. Cook for longer if you want a more charred steak.

Cuts of beef

Raw steakThere are various cuts of meat to create your perfect steak with and the better quality the meat, the better the end result, but you can expect to pay a little extra for the better cuts. The main pecking order of cuts of meat can be seen below with Filet coming out on top.

  • Filet
  • Sirlion
  • Rib eye
  • T-bone

Check out our Pinterest page below where you can see different cuts of meat and what they look like and where abouts on the animal that the cuts come from.

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Ordering a steak on holiday

It’s that time of year where we start to plan and book our summer holidays, so now’s the perfect time to brush up on those language skills that involve food!

There are many ways of saying the same thing in different languages but here are the most popular terms used for when ordering a steak, just the way you like it.

English Spanish Italian French
Rare Jugoso Al Sangue Saignant
Medium El Punto Rosa Á Point
Well Done Bien Hecho Ben Cotto Bien Cuit

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