Cook with water


Cook with waterIf you are on a diet then an easy way to eat well, lose weight and take in less calories from fat is to cook foods that normally require fat/oil with a little water. It may sound strange but it is extremely healthy cooking this way and there is no smell of burning oil that fills the house, especially when cooking sausages!

Steak cooking tip

A favourite of mine is to cook your steak in a saute pad with a little water and half a beef OXO cube. Cook the steak for a few minutes either side, let the water reduce and use the steak to mop up the flavour of the OXO cube residue that has been left behind! One health tasty steak!

Gammon steak cooking tip

Place your gammon steak into a saute pan with some water and cook the steam an full heat for about 2 minutes either side. Place the lid on the saute pad and turn off the heat and let the gammon steak cook under it’s own steam for another 5 mins and it will be cooked to perfection, tender and with no added fat. This method works best with un-smoked gammon steaks. It will still work for smoked gammon steaks but smoked steaks tend to be a bit chewier when cooked this way.

Did you know that one tablespoon (tbls) of vegetable oil contains 120 calories and 13.6 grams of vat? That is the equivalent of having a small chocolate bar!

Remember, water is good for you!


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