Steaming vegetables



Cooking vegetables in water works but turn your back for a few minutes and forget about them and they may turn to mush in minutes. Cooking the veg for too long in water can also lead to all the nutrients being taken out of them so you may need to eat twice as much to get your recommended daily allowance.

Steaming vegetables is the best way of cooking them but sometimes there is not enough space on the hob to cook everything you need, especially if you are cooking a big Sunday roast for all the family.

A simple solution to this is to buy an electric steamer. You get around 3 compartments for your veg, it can steam your veg in under 30 minutes and the steamer can be placed at the other end of the kitchen so that it does not get in the way whilst you are cooking.

When done, the veg comes out nice and crisps and they are still packed with all their nutrients as they have not been boiled away!

Get your kids eating veg!

If you have children and you’re trying to get them to eat veg then you stand a lot more chance if it looks good and not drowning in water:-) You could even make veg even more exciting for them by being creative with the plate of food. Get your children onto broccoli by stick the stalks in the mash potato so that they look like trees and use some gravy to make a lake. Food can be fun!


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