The art to making mash potato!


Mash PotatoMaking the perfect mash potato is not hard and it’s all down to the amount of time that you boil the potatoes for. If you can put a fork straight through the potatoes when they are cooking then they have been over cooked. You need to cook them until the fork will only go half way in and get stuck a little (it’s hard to give a time to cook the potatoes for as this depends on the size you cut the potatoes into and the heat you get from the hob).

At this point in cooking, strain the water out of your potatoes and leave the potatoes in the strainer for 5 minutes, with the saucepan still underneath them. This will allow all the water to drip out of the potatoes and the steam will rise off of the top. This will get rid of all the moisture from the potatoes and they will mash to perfection.

If you want healthy potatoes then add a little bit of milk and butter to bind them. If you want to indulge yourself, put more butter in, some cheese and celery salt into them for a creamy taste addition to the rest of the contents of the plate:-)

Do you make the perfect mash? Let us know how you do it?


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1 thought on “The art to making mash potato!”
  • daniel richardson says:

    I agree with the cooking part, but in addition to this the water must contain a good amount of salt or the potatoes will be bland.
    Also you can make more interesting mash by adding some strong flavour to the water, like a clove of garlic, parmesan rind, smoked bacon skin, rosemary or mint.
    The draining process can also be speeded up by, after putting into a collander then return to the pan on a low heat to evaporate the potatoes.
    I like to finish my potatoes by boiling a little double cream, whisking on the potatoes and finish with a good knob of butter, salt and pepper.
    If I am feeling healthy then creme friahe works well to stir in at the end, but with creme fraiche I love the wild hedge row garlic. yumyum

    October 18, 2013 at 6:41 pm
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