So, you’ve created your ideal kitchen with DIY Kitchens and you’ve just had it installed. It looks amazing but there’s something missing. A small feature to put your own personal stamp on your beautiful new kitchen perhaps?

Well, what you’re looking for maybe a unique kind of wall sticker that adds the perfect finishing touch to your space.

Wall Sticker Art

Kitchen wall stickers come in a wide range of designs and let you add some character to brighten up your kitchen. They’re also an affordable and practical type of wall art compared to other alternatives.

In this post, we’ll be looking into kitchen wall stickers, starting with what they are, how to choose one, the installation and some of the benefits you might not have heard before.

What are wall stickers?

Wall stickers are vinyl decals that are used to decorate your home. Although they’re called “wall stickers”, they can actually be applied to pretty much any smooth and flat surface.

Stickers are often referred to as decals, so don’t be confused if you hear this term. They’re one of the same.

Kitchen wall stickers are available in hundreds of designs. They come with quotes and images of food and drink, uplifting family messages like ”The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table” and plenty of alcohol-related puns and prose too 😉

Two different types of stickers are offered by Icon: digital or vinyl.

  • A digital wall sticker is printed with HP Latex Printers and features a colourful design with more than 1 colour printed on it.

  • A vinyl wall sticker is cut out of a vinyl sheet, made from primarily one colour, although you can choose the colour and there are 37 different hues.


Choosing your wall sticker & where to install it

When it comes to choosing your wall sticker, there are a few things you need to consider. Your taste and style are the most obvious factors but you should also think about the colour of your kitchen and the space you have available for your decal.

For the style, this one is completely down to you and your family members. Take your time and choose something that resonates with you. There are plenty of routes to go down including sentimental, humorous and visual etc.

For the size and shape, evaluate what area you have available for your sticker. If it’s a large open space above a dining table, choose whatever shape you would like. If you’re more limited with space, such as between cupboards or tiles, choose a landscape or portrait version that’s right for the wall.

Each sticker comes in several different sizes, so you can accommodate your space, as long as you pick the right size. Avoid adding a decal that’s too big for your space, as this can be overbearing and make your kitchen look cluttered.

Sticker sets are also available, if you want to add smaller stickers around your kitchen, in the spaces you have available. If you have limited room, this may be the best option.

In terms of colour, you need to choose a design that matches the colour scheme of your kitchen.


Installing your wall sticker

Installing a wall sticker may not look like the easiest thing in the world but with some care and attention, it should be a doddle. Just follow the six easy steps to apply your sticker in a few minutes.

Unlike a lot of the stickers available, Icon’s decals are designed without any surrounding white space or a clear vinyl. We do this by sending the sticker in with three layers: an application layer, a backing layer and the sticker. This gives you the flexibility to put your sticker anywhere.

Recommended Tools: Credit card or applicator, masking tape, scissors, a cloth, a ruler and a spirit level.

Before you start the installation process, wipe down the wall to remove any dirt or grease, Let the wall dry before you begin.

  • Step 1 – Use masking tape across the centre of your sticker and on the corners to apply it to the wall. Use the ruler and spirit level to ensure it’s straight.

  • Step 2 – Remove the tape from the top corners and peel away the backing layer to the centre point. Cut the backing layer off and carefully apply the sticker to the wall

  • Step 3 – Use your applicator or card to remove any air bubbles, working from the centre to the edge.

  • Step 4 – Take off the remaining masking tape. Take a break and let the sticker settle on the wall.

  • Step 5 – Repeat the second, third and fourth steps for the rest of the sticker.

  • Step 6 – Slowly remove the application layer leaving the sticker on the wall. If the sticker comes away, flatten down on the wall.

That’s it – You’re done! Enjoy your new sticker.

When applying your sticker, just make sure you go slowly and properly apply the sticker using the card or applicator. If you make a mistake, gently peel it off and start again.

If there are any air bubbles that you can’t remove with the applicator, you can use a pin to prick a hole and remove the air. If you do this, be extremely careful to make a tiny hole you can’t see.

If you’re applying a large sticker, it may be best to use two people. Smaller stickers won’t need masking tape.

For the full instructions, please visit Icon’s page here. There’s also a handy video!


Key kitchen sticker benefits

It’s a pretty common thought that wall stickers aren’t well-suited to kitchens. People think the moisture, heat and cooking messes would ruin the stickers, especially those around the sink and oven. But this isn’t the case.

Icon’s wall stickers aren’t damaged by water or general cooking heat thanks to the excellent vinyl and adhesive they use. This keeps them up on your wall for a minimum of five years, even in high-stress conditions.

Decals can also be cleaned using a cloth or a sponge. Just wipe away any cooking mess or dirt, keeping your kitchen clean and tidy.

Another huge benefit is that the stickers come with a non-flammable M1 fire rating according to EU fire regulations. This makes them difficult to ignite, a bonus for a kitchen environment.


Kitchen Wall Stickers

Kitchen wall murals

If you’re looking for more of a feature piece than a kitchen wall sticker, a wall mural may be a better choice for you. These are designed to cover a full wall or wall section, murals are a larger type of wall decor, well suited to a big, open space.

Kitchen murals usually feature high-quality photographs of striking scenes. Images are available featuring food and drink, open fields and just about anything else you could think up.

Like stickers, they’re easy to clean, have an EU fire rating and they are straightforward to install. They also provide an even more eye-catching end result.


Final Thoughts on Kitchen Stickers

When it comes to adding a wall sticker to your kitchen, choosing the right space and sticker is important. Look for a design, colour and size that compliments your style and that of your kitchen. When installing your sticker, take your time to get the best end result.

If you have any wall sticker or mural questions – Don’t hesitate to contact Icon.


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Icon Wall Stickers is a leading, UK-based manufacturer of vinyl wall decor including stickers and murals. David Atkinson is Icon’s Digital Marketing Executive who creates content on interior design and home decor.

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