12 Days of Christmas Winners


Thank you to everyone who entered Bernard’s 12 Days of Christmas, our competition is now closed, and the winners are:

1st Prize £250 M&S voucher, Jean from West Yorkshire

2nd Prize £100 M&S voucher, Rachel from Cornwall

3rd Prize £50 M&S voucher, Ian from Fife

The answer to our anagram was Carol Singers (garlic snores)

(1)    Call by Wilson Ellis 26a, to make breakfast nearby. (Toaster)

(2)    You need this fruit for your Christingle, which is above board. (Orange in the fruit bowl on a chopping board – near cameras) 

(3)    Will our new kid on the block ‘Linton’ shine brightly in 2023? (Star) 

(4)    You’ll need to weigh things up to bake your Christmas cake, in our perfectly purple kitchen.  (Scales)

(5)    It looks like the paparazzi have been. Calm yourself down! (Camera Case) Lavender

(6)    Some say Morris Michtom made me, some say I was named after Theodore Roosevelt, come find me! (Teddy in the corner of the Harewood Cashmere) 

(7)    Time is ticking, it’s best to go home now you’re green with envy. (Clock and home sign in the Malton Heritage Green) 

(8)    Increase your range and make a brew (Kettle on the hob on the range cooker – Malton Carbon downstairs)

(9)    Have a browse and a surf, we pride ourselves on being British made. (Union Jack Cushion)

(10) Lin would be hard pressed to make dinner tonight! (Pasta Press Linwood Carbon & Cobham Blue)

(11) The March Hare would love a bespoke basket of treats for his tea party. (Harewood Bespoke Hamper)

(12) You’ve reached the top. It’s all square so time to celebrate! (Wine glasses & bottle in the blue square on the far wall)

We hope you all had fun looking around our 3D Showroom tour

From everyone here at DIY Kitchens we wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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