Delivery of your DIY Kitchen is an important part of the DIY Kitchens journey and it’s important that you understand how our delivery service works before placing your order.

DIY Kitchens makes kitchen units to order, using a just-in-time manufacturing process.  This allows us to be extremely efficient and keep our costs low, providing you with excellent savings compared to other suppliers.  However, as we do not store units for a length of time before delivery, we are only able to work to a week commencing delivery date, with a two-day delivery window advised during the week of delivery.  Please see below for our delivery process:

  1. You place your order with DIY Kitchens and select a week commencing (w/c) delivery date.  This can be the earliest available w/c date or a w/c date at any point in the future to suit your project timescale.
  2. At any point during the w/c delivery period, you will be sent an email and a text message notifying you of your two-day delivery window.  This will be sent 24 hours ahead of your two-day window.
  3. Your kitchen will be delivered at any point during this two-day window, between 8am and 10pm.
  4. You will also receive a text message from the delivery team when they are approximately 1 hour away, to provide you with as much notice as we can.


w/c delivery date of Monday 20 May

Email and text message sent on Tuesday 21 May to advise that your two-day delivery window will be Wednesday 22 or Thursday 23 May.

Text message sent approximately 1 hour before delivery

We strongly advise for you to log into your account and check your customer order dashboard for more information and updates to your delivery details.

Please see below for frequently asked questions about our delivery service.


What are your lead times?

Our lead times change according to the type of product and depending on how busy we are.  Typically, a standard kitchen will take 2-3 weeks, whereas a bespoke painted kitchen could be 5 or more weeks due to additional production processes.

For accurate dates, please select a range on our website and the first available delivery date will be displayed.

Can I select a specific day for delivery rather than just a week commencing date?

Due to our just-in-time production method, you are only able to select a week commencing date rather than a specific day.

When will I know which day you will delivery during my w/c delivery week?

You will be sent an email and text message advising you of a two-day delivery window at least 24 hours before the two-day window.  You will then be sent a text message by the delivery team approximately 1 hour before delivery.

Why can’t you specify a day and time in the same way as other companies, such as Amazon do?

Delivering a kitchen involves multiple items and unexpected variables, such as traffic, access to the property and the amount of time taken to unload a delivery.  Any delays can be very time consuming and can affect driving time for our delivery team, therefore we are unable to be more specific with our delivery estimate.

Can I order a kitchen without a delivery date?

Yes, you can place your order and leave the delivery date blank.  However, please note that you will need to pay for your kitchen at point of order and notify us when you would like delivery to be made.  You will still need to bear in mind the production lead time when confirming your delivery date and the earliest w/c date will be displayed on our website or can be confirmed by our customer service team.

What days and times do you deliver?

We delivery 6 days a week (Mon-Sat) and between 8am and 10pm.  Please note that in exceptional circumstances we may deliver on Sunday and you will be notified in advance if this is the case.

What are your delivery charges?

Standard delivery charges are £99 for the majority of the UK, however some post codes will carry an additional charge due to their location.  Please click here to view delivery post codes and charges.

You can also select a smaller van, especially useful if you have access issues to your property, and this will also incur an additional charge.  Details of these charges will be displayed during checkout.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Currently, we only deliver to mainland UK addresses.  We are able to deliver to a port, however, you would then be responsible for arranging onward delivery and would also be responsible for any damage incurred after we have delivered to the port.

Can I postpone my delivery?

Yes, you can postpone your delivery without incurring any additional cost so long as this is notified before your kitchen goes into production.  You will be sent details on email after you have ordered with details of cut-off dates. 

If your kitchen has gone into production, you can still postpone delivery, however, this will incur a storage charge of £20 per day. If we have attempted to deliver but you have failed to take this, you will also incur an additional delivery fee. Full details of these charges will be sent by email after you have placed your order.

I live in an apartment block, above the ground floor.  Will your delivery team carry units to my apartment?

Due to health and safety reasons, our delivery team will only assist with carrying units into ground floor properties with a maximum of 6 steps into the property and a maximum of 20 metres walking distance from the delivery vehicle. If you are above ground floor or there is an excess of 6 steps or 20 metres, we will deliver kerb side and it will be your responsibility to move items into your property.

There is restricted access to my property.  How will this affect my delivery?

When completing checkout, you will be asked a series of questions about access to your property.  Please answer these questions honestly as this will avoid any issues on the day of delivery.  If there are access issues, our customer service team will contact you to discuss the various options available. Please be aware that this could result in additional charges above our standard delivery fees.

Will the delivery drivers place units where I want them?

Yes, so long as you meet our restrictions of no more than 6 steps into your property and no more than 20 steps to your property from the delivery vehicle, our delivery team will offload units to a location in your house that you choose.

What sized vehicles do you use for delivery?

Our standard vehicles are 40ft (12.2m) long, 12ft (3.7m) high and up to 9.9ft (3m) wide.  We advise that you check a vehicle of this size is able to access your property before ordering.  If not, we are able to deliver on a smaller vehicle, however, this will incur an additional charge of £100.00 on top of the delivery fee to your post code.

Any issues that prevent you from being able to collect on the agreed day will incur a storage charge whilst these are resolved.

Do you deliver appliances with the kitchen?

If you have ordered appliances, or a Quooker tap, then please be aware that these will be delivered separately to your kitchen. We will work with our suppliers to ensure these are delivered during the same week as your kitchen, however, we are unable to confirm that it will be the same day.

You will receive separate notifications from our suppliers with details about your delivery.

Can I collect my kitchen?

Yes.  Kitchens can be collected at no charge.  Collections are still subject to our advertised lead times and a w/c collection week will need to be selected.  You will need to contact us on the Wednesday prior to your collection week to confirm the exact day your kitchen will be available for collection.  Please note that failure to collect on the agreed date will incur storage charges. 

You will need an appropriate vehicle and remember that our units are fully built, not flat pack, and we also suggest that due to the weight of some items, two, physically able people should collect your kitchen. 

How long do I have to check my items?

We provide you with 10 days in order to check that all items have been delivered and that they are free of damage.  If there are any missing items or damages, please raise a ticket via your customer service dashboard.  To ensure we resolve any issues as quickly as possible, please check all items before raising a ticket, rathe than raising separate tickets.

Can I return products that I no longer need?

As we are a make-to-order company, you are only able to return products that have not been made specifically for your order.  Products must be returned unopened, in their original packaging in order for us to issue you with a refund.  You are also responsible for any delivery charges to return items to us.  Please log in to your account and raise a ticket and our customer service team will be able to advise you further.

Tips for helping you prepare for your delivery.

  • We strongly advise that you arrange for delivery of your kitchen at least 2 weeks before booking a fitter or arranging to fit yourself.  A kitchen delivery can have in excess of 40 items, therefore this gives you time to check everything has been delivered and is free of damage.  If anything needs replacing, this can be done before fitting commences.
  • Ensure that the space in which you want your kitchen units offloaded is clear and free of obstacles.
  • Make sure the route from the delivery vehicle to the property is clear of obstructions and is as level as possible.  This will help to speed up your delivery and keep our delivery team safe.
  • Our delivery team will take care and consideration when offloading units into your property, however, we advise that you protect door entrances and floors to avoid any possible damage.  Our delivery team must keep protective footwear on at all times, therefore please ensure carpets and floors are covered.