Design & Planning


We believe that nobody knows better about what you want in your dream kitchen than you.  That’s why we give you complete control to be as creative as you want, with the only restriction being your imagination!

Designing your own kitchen also helps to keep costs low, without the expensive overheads of in-store design teams.  Let’s face it, free design isn’t necessarily free so, if you can design your own kitchen, why should you pay for someone else’s ‘free design’?

To help you, we have a FREE online kitchen planner to help guide you through the various steps and allow you to start being creative.  It’s relatively simple and intuitive to use, however, if you need any help, then you can contact our customer service team with any queries you have whilst you travel along your kitchen design journey!

If planning your own kitchen is a little too daunting, then you may wish to employ an independent kitchen designer that can create your plan, at an additional cost of course, but still allowing you to save thousands compared with other kitchen suppliers.

Please see below frequently asked questions about kitchen design and planning.


Do you offer a planning service?

As the name suggests, DIY Kitchens does not currently offer a planning service as such.  We encourage customers to use our FREE online planner, to measure and draw their room and start working on their design themselves.  We do, however, have an expert customer service team who are available 7 days a week, via email, to answer any queries you have about the planner or our products.

When you have finished your plan and you are ready to order, you can submit your plan to be checked by our team before creating a basket and allowing you to checkout.

How do I access the online planner?

The planner can be accessed by clicking here.

I’m struggling to use the planner.  Do you offer any support?

There are helpful tutorials that you can watch in the Advice section of the planner and we have an expert customer service team who are available 7 days a week, via email, to answer any queries you have about the planner or our products.

Will someone check my plan before I place my order?

Yes.  Once you are ready to order, you will need to submit your plan to be checked by our customer service team.  The plan check involves ensuring all the items in your plan are located in the product list, along with ensuring you have sufficient accessories, such as end panels, plinths, cornice, etc.  Our team may also provide suggestions that we feel could improve you plan or relevant solutions if some elements of your plan would cause an issue when installing.

Please note that it is still your responsibility to check the items in your basket prior to placing your order.

When I visit your showroom, will someone be able to look at my plan?

Our showroom includes a team of advisors who are on hand to answer any queries you may have about our products, however, they are not able to discuss individual plans in detail or provide a design service.

Can you recommend someone to design my kitchen?

Whilst we are unable to provide personal recommendations, there are a number of independent kitchen designers that are very experienced with our products.  We would recommend carrying out an online search, or searching Facebook, and selecting an independent designer that meets your needs.

Please note that we are not responsible for any errors, such as ordering incorrect products or the cost to resolve any design issues arising from using an independent kitchen designer.