Technical Queries


We understand that designing and installing your own kitchen can be a complicated project and whilst we do not offer a full planning service, our customer service team is with you every step of the way, to answer your queries, whether this is during the planning stage or after you have taken delivery.

To contact our expert team, we strongly recommend that you raise a ticket via the customer service dashboard here, as this ensures we have a record of all your communications, allowing any member of our team to assist you. We will endeavour to respond to your query as quickly as possible to prevent delays in planning or installing your DIY Kitchen.

Your query may be specific to your own design, however, please see below for some frequently asked questions that may be able to help you before you contact our team.


How are your units supplied?

All DIY Kitchen units, with the exception of large, corner units, are supplied rigid, with all doors, drawers and accessories pre-fitted. We even fit the leg bosses, which can save 16 screws per base and tall unit!  This ensures the highest quality whilst also saving you time and money when it comes to installation.

Do doors come drilled for handles?

Due to the wide variety of handles available, and with different drilling centres, all DIY Kitchen doors are supplied undrilled.  This allows you to select any handle from our range and position them as you require.

How do I remove a drawer box?

To remove a drawer box, simply pull it out to the full extension and lift upwards with a fair amount of force. The drawer box will come off the runners and you can then pull it out completely.  To re-attach, line the drawer up with the runners and push back in until you hear a click.  The drawer box will now be engaged on the runners and should open and close as normal.

Are corner posts supplied?

If you order a corner base unit that requires a corner post, then these are supplied with the unit and can be seen on the product details page as an included item.  However, please note that some corner posts will require cutting down and forming on site to suit your room dimensions.

Do you supply all the fixings required to fit a kitchen?

Units such as wall units will be supplied with hanging brackets, etc, however, any other fixings such as spacer plugs or screws to join units together are not supplied and will either be supplied by your fitter or will need to be purchased separately if you are planning to install yourself.

Do you supply bespoke sized units and doors?

Whilst we do not provide units or doors to bespoke sizes, our range of unit and doors is extremely comprehensive, ensuring that the majority designs and room layouts can be accommodated.

What is the maximum weight you can store in a pan drawer?

All our pan drawers come with Blum drawer runners and regardless of the width of pan drawer, these runners are capable of carrying a maximum of 50kg in weight.

Do you provide an installation service?

As the name suggests, we do not provide an installation service, however, our units are supplied fully assembled, with all doors, drawers, accessories and leg bosses pre-fitted to make installation as easy as possible.  However, if you are not a competent DIY’er, then we strongly advise that you employ an individual kitchen fitter.

Can I download installation guides?

Technical guides are supplied with the kitchen and located within the fittings box, however, a copy can also be downloaded by clicking here.