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What Kitchen Designs/Layouts are there?

Kitchen Designs

The majority of people’s kitchen designs fall within 1 of the 6 kitchen designs that are shown below. Click one of the images to see more information about the kitchen design/layout.

Straight Run Kitchen Design

Galley Kitchen Design

L Shaped Kitchen Design

L Shaped Island Kitchen Design

U Shaped Kitchen Design

U Shaped Island Kitchen Design

The Straight Run Kitchen Design

This design is ideal for kitchens in terrace house where kitchen space is at a premium. The straight run is very similar to the galley kitchen but all the units in this design fit down 1 side of the room. The small round kitchen sink in this design has been chosen to maximise the available workspace in this straight run. The hob and oven have been located in the same area and there is also an option to adapt the oven unit to have a pull out pan draw underneath the oven to really maximise the storage space in this compact design. If your kitchen allows it, you may be able to get another tall unit on the far left to give you a few extra cupboards or shelves to hold the likes of brushes, mops and other cleaning items.

The Galley Kitchen Design

This design is ideal for a kitchen where no units can be placed on the far wall or if the kitchen is a thoroughfare between 2 rooms. Due to the limited amount of space for units, everything has been kept as compact as possible and a small round sink used to increase the amount of work surface available. To give that extra bit of storage in this galley kitchen, a tall unit has been used down the left hand side, although there is nothing stopping you doing this on the other side, but you would lose some more work surface area by doing this. Should your kitchen have an unsightly boiler on the wall, then the units on the wall above the sink would be an ideal place to help conceal it.

The L Shape Kitchen Design

This design is ideal for a large open plan kitchen where you only want a small L shaped part of it taken up by the kitchen units themselves. This allows space for a dining area in the same room with a table and chairs in close proximity. The design of the kitchen has also been designed for practicality with the pan drawers directly underneath the hob for easy access. The oven has been elevated into a tall unit, so that you don’t have to bend down every time to pull the contents out. The extractor fan has also been fitted so that it is flush with the ceiling. If you are unable to link your extractor fan to the outside world then you can opt for a recirculation extractor instead.

The L Shape With Island Kitchen Design

This design is ideal for open plan kitchens where an L shape is the only design that fits, but a little bit more kitchen space is required. To get that space, a 6 unit kitchen island is constructed. Although not shown here, kitchen islands can be adapted to hold a wine cooler, bottle racks and even open end shelves for book storage. Your kitchen island can be as creative as you like! As you can see in this design, there is a tall unit on the far left to house the oven and to also give you additional storage. If your home can accommodate it, you can also place a tall pullout larder unit next to it to give you plenty of useful space for tins and groceries that pop out for easy accessibility. You could even have the thin pullout larder units either side of the main tall unit for added storage and to make a feature of the kitchen.

The U Shape Kitchen Design

This design gives a fair bit of workspace for food preparation and storage. The sink is located near a window, as it’s always nice to look outside rather than a brick wall when washing the pots! The oven is also conveniently been placed at waist height with pan drawers put in where the oven would normally be positioned. If you are in need of additional storage and space, and if your kitchen is the right width, you may be able to use our U Shaped Kitchen with Island design. All the kitchen components used in this example can be seen on the right hand side of this page. The example kitchen above uses white unit carcases, Avant White kitchen unit doors and a black Brazil laminate worktop.

The U Shape With Island Kitchen Design

This design is ideal for kitchens where you have a lot of space to fill. The U shape maximises the available workspace and you get the option to adapt the corner units so that you can make the most out of the storage space and ensure that everything is easily accessible. As you can see in this design, there is a very handy kitchen island with 6 additional kitchen units. 3 are reduced depth and the other 3 are full size. When fitted back to back you get a 900mm wide kitchen island, which is ideal for placing food on to be served for a Sunday lunch, storing everyday items like fresh fruit, kitchen scales and pictures or simply using it as an area for baking, away from the main run of the kitchen. Should you want to splash out a little then you can also embed some kitchen scales into the worktop as well as get some pop up power sockets fitted. The oven in this design has been relocated to the end of the kitchen, which gives you plenty of tray and pan storage right underneath the hob, exactly where you need them. Having the kitchen island opposite the oven also ensure that and hot trays can be easily put down behind you to cool.

You can download these kitchen designs/layouts in PDF form here.

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