Customer Questions

How to make a Butler’s pantry

  We don’t sell a Butler’s Pantry as such on our website but you can create the look very easily with a double dresser unit and 2 door racks. Our double dresser units that allow you to create the Butler’s pantry, are now only available in our inframe kitchen styles. The example below, shows a

How do I insert a Blum Inserta drawer front?

 When you have a drawer front sent out to you via our delivery or courier service, you’ll notice that there are some items called Blum Inserta clips supplied with it. These Blum Inserta clips are used to secure your drawer front in place and here’s how to do it. Installation The small Blum Inserta clips

How can I move my microwave from my worktop?

  A question that we were recently asked was “What is the best way of getting my microwave off the worktop to free up some space? Well, there are many different ways to do this and below, I will show the most popular ways to do this. Microwave wall units A very convenient way of

What is cockbeading?

  A question that we were recently asked was “What is cockbeading on kitchen doors and which of your doors is it available on?” Well read on to fully understand what it is, what it looks like and where it’s available. Cockbeading appearance Well, cockbeading is the thin beaded part (beveled lip) on the inside

Walk-in larder plinth requirements

  A question that we were recently asked was “With your walk-in larder unit, do I need two sets of plinth? One for the doors and one for the unit itself, as the main plinth seems to attach to the door and not the unit?” Well, that is a good question and to keep things

What is a tray space unit?

  A question that we were recently asked was “What is a tray space unit and how do I fit one?” Well, an open tray space unit only measures 10cm in width and it is used to fill in small gaps in kitchen runs with this practical little unit. As the tray space unit is

Peninsular base units – What are they?

  A question that we were recently asked was “I’m looking to order from you and I’m having a small peninsular, but I don’t understand the difference between your base units and your peninsular base units. Why would I need a peninsular unit instead of a standard base unit? And what goes at the back

What is a 1250mm high base unit?

  A question that we were recently asked was “What is a 1250mm high base unit?” Read on to find out more. Well, a 1250mm high base unit, more commonly known as a mid height unit can be used in place of tall units or to create something a little different in your kitchen design

How do I attached curved wall units?

  A question that we were recently asked was “How do I attach a curved wall unit to the wall, as there are no hanging brackets?” Read on to find out more… Curved wall units and no service void Well, these curved wall units are designed a little differently to other wall units. As with

How to integrate a Range cooker

    A question that we were recently asked was “How do I fully integrate a Range cooker into my kitchen?” Well, the article below will give you some options and ideas on how to do this, both for the base unit integration, as well as above the Range cooker itself. Quick links End panels