Do your kitchen units have glazed doors available?


The simple answer to “do your kitchen units have glazed doors available” is yes. All our kitchen styles except Altino, Cento & Luca have the option of having glazed doors in some of our wall unit and dresser unit sizes.

Glazed doors do add something extra to your kitchen and allow you to present your glassware or ornaments to give your kitchen a little originality and personality. If you want that extra wow factor, why not try putting some unit lighting in the glazed cupboards and have them illuminated at the flick of a switch!

Which units have glazed doors available?

We do have some wall & dresser units that have clear glazed doors available, as an optional extra. These doors do cost a bit extra though. Units included are:-

  • Dresser Units (All dresser units with doors are clear glazed as standard, we don’t supply these units any other way)
  • 400mm, 500mm, 600mm & 800mm wall units
  • 600mm, 800 & 900mm corner wall units
  • 600mm angled corner wall unit
  • 800mm & 1000mm vertical bi-fold wall units

Glazed wall unit example

Are there any different glazed options? 

By far the most popular glazed doors are Clear Glazed and these are the ones that we manufacture as standard. However, there are 3 different glaze options available in total, these are:

  • Clear glazed (Supplied as standard)
  • White Satince Glaze
  • Clear Satinice Glaze

3 glazed door options

Can I have glazed base unit doors?

We don’t offer any base units with a glazed door option but there is nothing stopping you ordering the wall unit with a glazed door and using that door on a base unit as they are the same height, providing you order, for example, a 600mm wide base unit and a 600mm wide wall unit. Also, make sure you have the same hinge side as well.

Do you units come with glass shelves?

No, our units come with wooden shelves fitted as standard. Glass shelves can be ordered from the page below.


Glazed door examples

Here are some glazed door examples from our very own kitchen showroom, to help you visualise how these glazed doors could look in your new kitchen.

Wall unit glazed door example

Wall unit glazed door example

Wall unit glazed door example

Wall unit glazed door example

Wall unit glazed door example

Wall unit glazed door example

Wall unit glazed door example

Dresser glazed door example

Dresser glazed door example


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