Kitchen Tips

Control your kitchen with your voice – Smart Devices

  Voice technology has really taken off in recent years and if you happen to own an Amazon Echo then you can really put it to good use in your kitchen, with the help of some smart devices that allow you to activate them with your voice! As well as voice activation, you can even

Kitchen Advice & Ideas PDF

  When deciding on your new kitchen, there are many things to consider before taking the plunge and updating the room where you’ll spend many hours of your day! So, it’s important to get it right and to plan it properly. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together this Kitchen Advice & Ideas PDF with

How to keep your kitchen tidy

  Keeping your kitchen tidy is not easy as the kitchen is often one of the busiest rooms in the home. With many being used as the social hub of the house, it can become a challenge to keep these areas continuously neat and tidy. Add in to the mix the numerous advancements in technological

Child safety in the kitchen

  The kitchen is the most used place in the home and having children that follow you around the house is nice but it can place them in areas where you would like them to avoid, like your glassware casserole dish cupboard that has become more desirable to your toddler than a bag full of chocolates!

Apps to increase performance in the kitchen

  A mobile phone is always by our sides and these days it is used for everything apart from taking phone calls! With that in mind, and if you have the ubiquitous iPhone, there are many apps out there that can help you out in the kitchen. Some of the apps listed below are free

How To Look After & Protect Your Granite Worktop

  Granite worktops are all the rage in many countries. Whether they are being used in kitchens or in bathrooms, or if the granite is being used as flooring or on the stairs, it adds another dimension to the space. Available in various colours and hues, granite is a versatile stone and can be coordinated

How to Take the Perfect Kitchen Picture

  This articles goes into detail on how to take the perfect kitchen picture. If you are sending pictures in to us for our Real Customer Kitchens section then there is quick summary guide on taking a picture that we can use on our website. 5 Quick Picture Taking Points Take pictures in landscape mode

Washing up liquid techniques

  The cost of the weekly shop is always on the rise but if you’re careful with what you already have then there are simple savings that can be made. Make washing up liquid last longer If you’re anything like me then you’ll put far too much washing up liquid in the bowl and end

14 things you can do with a lemon!

  After a recent survey of 800 people, asking for their top kitchen tips, you’d be amazed at how many tips that utilise a lemon came to light! I thought a lemon was something you sliced and put into drinks but o no, it’s capable of a whole lot more than that! So, lets get

Kitchen Tips Infographic

  After a recent survey of over 700 people, your best kitchen tips were collated and the top ones have been presented below. Out of the 700 people who took the survey, a whopping 69% were female. Come on guys, have your say next time:-)   You can download this infographic as a PDF here. Top