Washing up liquid techniques


The cost of the weekly shop is always on the rise but if you’re careful with what you already have then there are simple savings that can be made.

Make washing up liquid last longer

If you’re anything like me then you’ll put far too much washing up liquid in the bowl and end up with suds galore.

A simple solution is to use an empty washing up liquid bottle and pour half of the new bottle in it. Next, top both bottles up gently with cold water and there you have it, 2 bottles for the price of one and less waste. (This works best with the longer lasting higher concentrated liquids).

So, if you are a little reckless with your squirting then you don’t have to change your ways!

Get a little extra from the washing up liquid bottle

Washing up liquid bottleHow many of you squirt the last drops of washing up liquid into a bowl then discard the bottle? Some of the longer lasting liquids will still have liquid stuck to the inside of the bottle.

Before you throw the bottle away, run some water from a tap, squeeze the washing up liquid bottle so that all the air comes out and then position the nozzle of the bottle at the side of the running water. Slowly loosen your grip on the bottle and as the bottle starts to form again, it will bring in air and some water at the same time. Do this a few times until you have about 1 inch of water in the bottom of the bottle.

Now give the bottle a little shake and you have enough washing up liquid for 2 or 3 more washes!

In order to curb those iron grip squirters, here is a very simple solution so that you only use the amount of washing up liquid necessary, and save yourself from having to buy a new bottle of washing up liquid every week!

If you have an empty bottle, such as a liquid soap dispenser bottle that you have to push down on to dispense the soap, clean it out and a pour your washing up liquid into it. When you next have to wash the pots, just put 1 squirt into the bowl and you’ll have an equal measure of suds to water every time!

Fairy, if you are listening, this is a great idea for a new bottle design for you. Although it is great for the consumer, it might not be so great for sales:-)

Never do this!

Never put washing up liquid in your car’s windscreen wiper’s water tank. If the liquid sits in there for too long and you eventually come around to squirting your windows, it stinks like you would not believe!


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