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A mobile phone is always by our sides and these days it is used for everything apart from taking phone calls! With that in mind, and if you have the ubiquitous iPhone, there are many apps out there that can help you out in the kitchen.

Some of the apps listed below are free whilst others have a nominal fee. If you are going to download any of the paid for apps then it’s always an idea to check out the reviews first and just do a quick search for the app in Google to see what people are saying about it.

The following iPhone apps are all available in iTunes as of 27 June 2014.

Kitchen calculator iphone appKitchen Calculator

Price: £1.49
iTunes Link:

How many times have you found a recipe and the measurements for the ingredients listed are stated in a unit that you have never used before? If you’re like me and pull all your recipes off the internet then it probably happens every week!

This kitchen calculator app should give you all the necessary unit conversions that you’ll ever need to make!

Supported Conversions

teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints, gallons, litres, centilitres, millilitres, ounces, quarts, drops, jiggers, gills, dashes, pinches

pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms

fahrenheit, celsius

Kitchen tips iphone appKitchen Tips

Price: £0.69
iTunes Link:

We all spend time in the kitchen daily but some of us want to spend a little less time  in there and more time doing other things like eating what you spent the past 2 hours making:-)

This cool little app will give you some handy cooking tips and some time saving ideas around the kitchen so that you reach maximum productivity and get out of there quickly!

So, if you want to know how to keep carrots looking orange and how to create the perfect egg fried rice then look no further.

Kitchen timer iphone appKitchen Timer

Price: £Free
iTunes Link:

If you’re anything like my other half, dinner is timed in 15 minute intervals between soap operas:-) And as “riveting” as soaps can get, this can be the main cause of overcooked food!

This app may not alleviate the burnt food issue but it’s your best bet, as you can set timers for anything you want to cook and the bell sound at the end should be enough to break the soap trance and save dinner.

Disclaimer: To be safe, when cooking food, try to ensure that each item takes 15mins+ to cook:-)

Kitchen sync iphone appKitchen Sync

Price: £Free
iTunes Link:

Creating a shopping list is one of the easiest things in the world to do but when collaborating with the family, ready for the Friday big shop, things always get forgotten and it’s usually your fault!

Well, now there is an autonomous solution with Kitchen Sync. A shopping list that can be shared with other family members with an iPhone, who can add items to the list during the week at their leisure.

You can choose from the already extensive built in shopping list items or you can add your own customs food items in there. As everyone you grant access to can have access to your list, they only have themselves to blame if anything is missing from the weekly shop.

If you have teenagers who are adding to your shopping lists then you might want to give it the once over before you make the trek around the supermarket, as I image the 20 tubs of Nutella chocolate spread were not authorised by you:-)

Recipes cookbook iphone appRecipes Cookbook

Price: £Free
iTunes Link:

Cooking and eating are something we have to do each day and we all know how difficult it can become to plan the family meals for the week and keep the dishes exiting without repeating them too many times.

If you find yourself having bangers and mash every Thursday and fish & chips every Friday then you might want to break the rut and download yourself a recipe app to broaden your culinary horizons.

This Recipes Cookbook app looks great, has some free recipes to look at and you can unlock more if you start to get more adventurous in the kitchen.


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